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Adventures in Cat Land

  Barb and I went on a road trip yesterday. A friend had posted a link to an animal shelter in the south suburbs, a community we had barely heard of and never been to before. Our friend thought we might be interested in a cat that was ready for adoption. The kitty was a... Read more »

A Memory, A Diner, and A Reacquaintance

Maybe it is a sign of the times, but looking backward at what we know seems to be more fulfilling than looking forward to what we can only guess at. So a random thought about a long-gone restaurant on what some people call Throw Back Thursday set off a cascade of memories for a lot of... Read more »

When Words Fail Me

1,584,862. That is the number of words the Grammarly online grammar and spell checking program has reviewed for me over the past 3 years. Most of those 1,584,862 words have been used in writing the blog, then rewriting it, and editing it. Words are not what I do for a living, I don’t have that ability, but... Read more »

More Covid-19 Haiku For Today

As we struggle in our second month, the syllable count is not quite as precise as in the first edition. Just as life will never again be as smooth.   SPRING Though April is the cruelest month. We mustn’t become a wasteland Of hollow city streets. VACCINES Hope for tiny pinpricks To keep the viral bits at bay And pray... Read more »

Get Some Value From Your Coins. Here is How.*

See that shiny round thing at the top of the heap? That is a coin. A dime, to be precise. I accidentally came across one in my dresser drawer this morning, reaching around in the dark for my earbuds. It was the first coin I have touched since COVID-19. Heck, it is the first coin... Read more »

Was My Last Blog Too Authentic? I Hope the FBI Doesn't Think So!

When I was a straight-laced Board of Education President I would hear the Superintendant and Department Chairs talk at our monthly meetings about “authentic learning.” Everyone in the room seemed to get it, so I would put on a smile and nod my head and wonder what they were talking about. What makes something “authentic”?... Read more »

Three Family Heirlooms. It's The Little Things That Matter

With more time at home, there is more time to think about what makes a house a home. Yes we built this house and there are the fancy touches, the designer accents, the unique pieces that have caught Barb’s eye, and the few technical geegaws I try, often unsuccessfully, to operate (are you listening, Alexa?)... Read more »

Ten Songs to Quarantine By. Number 1 Is A Natural.

  Just a quick list for today. My mind has been going through my mental Rolodex and I have hit upon my Top 10 songs for the COVID 19  homebound. Ten Songs For Those Alone At Home 10.   Stuck in the Middle With You. Stealers Wheel. A song to sing to the empty chairs on your... Read more »

An Open Letter to "The Judge". Yes It Is Anti-Semitism, Whether You Think So Or Not.

Dear Judge, “That’s what you get from the Jew.” Really? You lead a bunch of Merry Pranksters that would make Ken Kesey proud. You congregate once a week in an upstairs joint in the outer ring of the Chicago ‘burbs. The object is fun and games, complete with flashing lights, blaring horns, group rituals, and even some... Read more »

Testing, Puzzles, and COVID Haikus. Two Misses and a Hit

Like at all times, there are ups and there are downs. Miss #1:  We Could Be Testing, Yeah! Our laboratory is still open, and we came so close to being able to do some COVID testing. As I wrote last year, we planned on entering the field of molecular microbiology (MM), a relatively new technique to... Read more »