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In Tribute: My Mother and Aunt, the World's Longest Sibling Rivalry

Old Friends, Sat on their park bench like bookends. Paul Simon- 1968 It is not very nice, but we call them “mushrooms.” Those elderly folks nudging their Oldsmobile’s and Cadillac’s along in front of you in the right hand lane, their white-grey puffs of hair just visible from behind, clouds above their seat backs. There... Read more »

Having Fun Re-Examining Flossing, and Seven Other Health Care Rules

Might be movin’ to Montana soon Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss Frank Zappa —  1973 I can now admit it. I am a crappy dental flosser. I have carried the excuse that vigorous flossing either inflames mouth sores I already have, or aggravates my tendency towards getting them. While that... Read more »

The Password is "Intense"

I just got back from my annual baseball guys trip with the usual group of high school friends. As always, we picked a weekend series featuring one of the Chicago ball clubs at an out of town park, said goodbye to our wives and hit the road. This year we set out for Milwaukee and... Read more »

We Take a Shine to YInMN. It's the New Blue!

Have you seen her dressed in blue? See the sky in front of you. The Rolling Stones-1967 Once again, I have mislead my blog readers. I told you that white was the decorating color of the year. That may be what Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore want us to believe. But they missed the boat on... Read more »

Cole Porter and Suburbia--A Great American Weekend

Just slippin on by on LSD Alliota Haynes and Jeremiah- 1971 Yes, I know. I swore I would not go near the Taste. I documented my reasons, and I swear by every one of them, even though Whitney from SpotHero did give me some parking alternatives. What I had neglected to take into consideration was... Read more »

I Recognize Taylor Swift's Boyfriend-How Cool Is That?

What to do with expiring airline miles? Last year, I made the mistake of using them for a slew of magazine subscriptions. Now the mailbox groans with Time and The Economist, Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine, Inc. and Fast Company. Issues of Vogue and Glamour stack up unread until they line the bottom of the recycle bin.... Read more »

Today on "Meet the Press": REXIT--The Raff's to Leave Long Grove, Local Economy Trembles.

Dramatic Theme Music ♬ ♬ ♬ Chuck Todd (CT): Good Morning, This is Chuck Todd welcoming you to our weekly edition of “Meet the Press.” Today we look at the dramatic and  perhaps misunderstood decision by the Raff family to cut ties with Long Grove, ending 26 years of intertwined destinies. With me today is my... Read more »

Am I Cooked? Hot Tea and Other Risks

Oh I like coffee… …and I like tea Blues Traveler–1994 Coffee drinkers are rejoicing. A UN study shows no increased cancer risk for java juicers, no matter how many jolts of Joe you go for in a day. So until the next study comes out disputing these findings –give it a week or two–Starbucks, Dunkin’... Read more »

The Curse of the Clumsy

“Move, move, move!” I shouted out. Yes, it was an over-reaction, but it got through to Barb. She quickly slid out of of the deli booth at which we were just settling into our soup. She was  just swift enough to escape being deluged by the drink sluicing from the glass I had knocked over.... Read more »

Fathers Day and Lee --The Dad I Hardly Knew

Fathers Day is near.  Time for our annual homemade Margarita inspired blowout. Loads of fun, but a bittersweet day in a few ways. It is always a joy  to be celebrating with Barb and our kids, with our extended families, and with our friends. But this will be the last time in our home of... Read more »