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TikTok Problem Solved. No, Not THAT TikTok

So many of you wrote in with your thoughts, suggestions, and tips in regards to that awful tick-tick-tick in our walls. Though all of your help is appreciated, none of you nailed the cause of the noise. It wasn’t bees, or raccoons, or birds in the venting. It wasn’t the house settling. And much to... Read more »

You Chose These As The Top Ten. And I Am Sure You Were Right.

Getting More From Les has passed another milestone. Yesterdays Tick Tick Tick was the 400th posting in ChicagoNow. It’s a good moment to look back over the past 100 blogs, and recap and update the 10 most widely read posts of that batch (yes, I do know how many readers there are, even if I don’t know who... Read more »

There Is Ticking In The Walls

There’s ticking in the walls. It started a few weeks ago. A tick-tick-tick. Steady and incessant in the wall of our bedroom. The sound is not from a clock nor is it the whirring of our ceiling fan. It is loudest at night; at least that is how it seems to me. Barb hears it too.... Read more »

Five Books I Read Years Ago That Still Have a Message for Today

Remember the bestselling book from the 1990’s “All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten”? It was filled with truisms like “Don’t hit anybody” and “Be nice.” Good stuff, but in talking with an old friend recently I realized we didn’t learn it all in kindergarten. We also learned some important life lessons in Mr. Wohlberg’s 8th-grade class at the... Read more »

Four Things I Know Doing Crossword Puzzles In Ink

It gets messy. There are scratch-outs and write-overs and margin-scribbles. Some of the little square boxes, originally white, now are so intensely filled that only I can tell what letter I have ultimately figured out is the right one. And that’s the way I like it. Doing my puzzles in ink, I see every step I have... Read more »

Adventures in Cat Land

  Barb and I went on a road trip yesterday. A friend had posted a link to an animal shelter in the south suburbs, a community we had barely heard of and never been to before. Our friend thought we might be interested in a cat that was ready for adoption. The kitty was a... Read more »

A Memory, A Diner, and A Reacquaintance

Maybe it is a sign of the times, but looking backward at what we know seems to be more fulfilling than looking forward to what we can only guess at. So a random thought about a long-gone restaurant on what some people call Throw Back Thursday set off a cascade of memories for a lot of... Read more »

When Words Fail Me

1,584,862. That is the number of words the Grammarly online grammar and spell checking program has reviewed for me over the past 3 years. Most of those 1,584,862 words have been used in writing the blog, then rewriting it, and editing it. Words are not what I do for a living, I don’t have that ability, but... Read more »

More Covid-19 Haiku For Today

As we struggle in our second month, the syllable count is not quite as precise as in the first edition. Just as life will never again be as smooth.   SPRING Though April is the cruelest month. We mustn’t become a wasteland Of hollow city streets. VACCINES Hope for tiny pinpricks To keep the viral bits at bay And pray... Read more »

Get Some Value From Your Coins. Here is How.*

See that shiny round thing at the top of the heap? That is a coin. A dime, to be precise. I accidentally came across one in my dresser drawer this morning, reaching around in the dark for my earbuds. It was the first coin I have touched since COVID-19. Heck, it is the first coin... Read more »