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In Surprise Move, Trump Nominates Self for Supreme Court Justice

SATIRE Washington, DC Acting just hours after the death of the beloved Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Trump indicated that he would submit his own name to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as her replacement. In a rambling statement on the White House lawn, and responding to questions by reporters, Trump stated “I had... Read more »

Donald Trump Is No Doctor Ben Casey

    We have been inundated with the news that Donald Trump successfully remembered for a few minutes the sequence “person, woman, man, camera, TV” as part of his recent cognitive skills test. Well, I can remember five words with a similar cadence, and they are from a lot more than a few minutes ago. In fact,... Read more »

Are You Waiting For Our YouTube Debut? I Am!

You’ve seen them on YouTube and Facebook by the hundreds. Average people, people like you and me, confined with their partners or all alone in houses and apartments across the country, diving deep into their inner souls and belting out tunes. Show tunes, pop songs, operas, inspiring gospel, and, parody songs that bring some lightness... Read more »

Bill, Ted, and Dr. Who Visit the Anti-Vaxers

Europe. Early 14th Century. Bill and Ted suddenly appear in their time traveling phone booth. The village elder approaches them in wonder. Bill: “Dudes, we gotta tell you something. There’s like this disease or something that’s coming and it is truly gnarly. They call it Black Death or the Plague or some sh*t like that, and... Read more »

Ten Things at the Bottom of that Black Hole. Can You Guess Number 6?

By now you have heard the news. Scientists are expected to release the first picture of a black hole, the incredibly dense spots in the universe with so much sucking gravity nothing can escape their pull. Einstein’s relativity theories predicted them, Hollywood made films about them, and Soundgarden sang grunge songs about them.  We know that if you... Read more »

The First Non Disclosure Agreement. It Sure Wasn't Omarosa!

“Yeah, hi Adam, I’m Eve. No, I don’t know where I came from, all of a sudden I was just standing here, practically naked. All I can remember is some ephemeral force saying they were going to create me. Said there was a spare bone or something laying around and that you needed some company.... Read more »

When I Want to Laugh I Think of Allan Sherman

Continuing on with my occasional list of albums that have had the most influence on me, I am heading back to the early 1960’s and the First King of Song Parodies, Allan Sherman. Before Steve Dahl rocked with “Ayatollah,” before Al Yankovic foisted his weirdness upon us, I was memorizing the lyrics to every song on... Read more »

Having Fun Re-Examining Flossing, and Seven Other Health Care Rules

Might be movin’ to Montana soon Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss Frank Zappa —  1973 I can now admit it. I am a crappy dental flosser. I have carried the excuse that vigorous flossing either inflames mouth sores I already have, or aggravates my tendency towards getting them. While that... Read more »

The Password is "Intense"

I just got back from my annual baseball guys trip with the usual group of high school friends. As always, we picked a weekend series featuring one of the Chicago ball clubs at an out of town park, said goodbye to our wives and hit the road. This year we set out for Milwaukee and... Read more »

After Watching "Independence Day: Resurgence" I Wonder. Could Will Smith Get Me Through an Apocalypse?

Barb and I had free tickets to the local multiplex, one that features small theaters with large reclining chairs and reserved seating. Unfortunately, it is a theater that caters more to the mall type crowd than to empty-nesters, so the selection of films was less than optimal. We settled on Independence Day: Resurrection, the sequel to... Read more »