About Downsize, Maybe!

Barb and I are embarking on our first move in 25 years. We bought the last parcel of land in a suburban subdivision, hired an architect and general contractor, and started writing checks! I hope you follow along as we live through the design, construction and eventual move in processes. I have a fondness for classic rock, espionage novels, and certain bloody television shows, so expect to come across some of those along the way as well. This is a laid-back blog, so I promise no rants, or at least not many!


If you would like to get in on the beginning of the story, click the "The Old Site" link above.

We would love to get your feedback, comments, criticisms and stories about your own adventures. Please join along.

This is the place to start: http://www.chicagonow.com/downsize-maybe/2015/10/why-you-should-be-reading-this-blog/