The Speech Trump Should Have Given

Trump chooses Pence to head task force-Courtesy Chicago Tribune

Trump chooses Pence to head task force-Courtesy Chicago Tribune

February 8, 2020, Washington DC.

My fellow Americans:

I come to you today with the truth. America is under attack. The attacker is not your neighbor or my political foes. It is not China or Russia, South Korea or Iran. The attacker is a virus, tiny, insidious, and very hard to stop.

But working together we can slow it down, protect our country and our freedoms. As we face the most terrible threat of this century, I make you the following promises:

  1. Our decisions will be based on science. I am in the process of assembling a team of the best and brightest experts in this country on infectious diseases and public health. They will form a Task Force, coordinated by my very able Vice President Mike Pence, but free to make recommendations based on hard evidence and emerging trends. Vice President Pence has been instructed to listen and report to me, and I pledge to let his reports be a guidance to me.
  2. We may need to take drastic steps, such as shutdowns or curfews, that will have a severe, negative impact on parts of our economy and those of us whose livelihood is dependant on those industries. I will work with our Congress to establish a massive financial support system. I cannot now tell you how large the fund will be, or how it will be administered, but be assured it will continue until the effects of this virus are a thing of the past.
  3. The Federal Government will take the lead in establishing a nationwide system of support for supplies and their supply chains. We will help the governors of all our states, red and blue, to be able to provide for the residents of their states, without rebuke or retribution.
  4. Our eventual salvation will be in the development of a vaccine. I will work with our wonderful pharmaceutical companies to put their best scientists to work to create a safe and effective vaccine as rapidly as possible. When will it be ready? I cannot tell you--but I give my word that it will not be until our scientific agencies are convinced that it will provide the protection that is necessary.

When will we know we have successfully defeated our nemesis? It won't be Easter: it won't be Memorial Day. With hard work and sacrifice, perhaps we can fully celebrate our success by July 4th or Labor Day. Whenever it comes, it will be because we joined hands and worked together.

There is an election in November. I had believed you would re-elect me because of our wonderful economy, our wonderful country. Now I am confident you will re-elect me because I will lead you through this unprecedented attack. There is no need to panic, there is no need to fear. Our country is strong, and over the next few months, we will prove that again and again.

God Bless America.

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