You Trump's Have Got It Wrong. I'm Not sending You A Dime



How did I get so lucky? Through no effort or fault of my own, I have earned a place on Donny Trump's messaging list.

How did I get here? I don't think that I have signed into any Republican National Committee websites. I don't think I have ever worn a MAGA hat or signed any petitions saying all foreigners and Puerto Ricans should be sent back to their native countries. And in four years of blogging, I don't think I have ever said anything nice about Donald Trump--though I did apply for a job in his cabinet.  (No hard feelings on that one, Donald--I wouldn't have lasted a week.)

But somehow, Donald and Donny think I am on their side. In pursuit of my monetary contribution to "the cause" D & D have told me I am one of 15 lucky Trump Patriots; they have told me how important it is we keep Biden and Harris out of the White House while retaking the Trump Majority; they have told me that I have a Trump Police Flag Shirt reserved just for me -- to be delivered after I make my generous contribution.

And now they tell me I can help keep that huge Trump momentum flowing. The momentum that has solved COVID, welcomed people of all races, religions, gender, and sexual preference to the tent, and made us the most popular, most admired country in the world!

So, Donald, you can try to hold that momentum. but remember. In baseball, "momentum" is tomorrow's pitcher. For the country, "momentum" will be Joe Biden, tomorrow's President.

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