More Covid-19 Haiku For Today

haiku-2As we struggle in our second month, the syllable count is not quite as precise as in the first edition. Just as life will never again be as smooth.



Though April is the cruelest month.
We mustn't become a wasteland
Of hollow city streets.


Hope for tiny pinpricks
To keep the viral bits at bay
And pray that no other comes.

I am not a student
Of our presidential history
But some would have done better.


Now the greatest challenge
For homebound's brain to decipher
Watch Hulu, Netflix, or Prime?


Our eyes peer out bravely
Over narrow strips of cloth and paper
Looking for friendly smiles.


We walk a looping road
Measuring a mile each time we circuit
Six feet is so far apart.


At  U of I Med we were taught
About the immunoglobulins M and G.
Now the whole world is learning.


When EF Hutton talked
People listened to their good advice
But Dr. Fauci's is better.


Hand washing can chafe
While alcoholic disinfectants
Leave an irritating tang.


We don't forfeit our hope
We use it all up and then we remember
Hope is  a renewable energy

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