Foodie Follies. A Rhyme to Display What Is Healthy Today

imageThe world is such a funny place
When figuring out your diet.
You want to be in a healthy space
If it's "good for you" you try it.

Health news breaks nearly every day
The scientists get behind it.
And then tomorrow comes our way
Saying yesterday's theory? Don't buy it!

For years we heard about red meat
Were told hamburgers were all killers
The evidence was all so neat
Deadly hot dogs at Portiller's.

But now a giant study says
In haste that was decided.
Past evidence was all in grays
No proof has been provided.

So once again we eat our steaks
Though perhaps not all the time
When you sup at Joe's or Jake's
It's best to order Prime.

And  what is on the "hit list" now
Causing me much distress?
To tea bags now I must say ciao
That's hard, I must confess.

Those Twinings and those Lipton articles
That fill me with such delight
Seem to contain micro-plastic particles,
Worry is keeping me up all night!

But I think I have a new solution
To healthify my treat.
A future step in tea evolution
Should be tea bags made of meat!


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photo credit: tedeytan 2019.09.28 RibEye Steak, Washington, DC USA 271 07015 via photopin (license)

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