President Trump Said He Could Shoot Someone on 5th Avenue. Is This What Would Happen If He Did?

meet-the-press-comboAnnouncer Dennis Haysbert: Welcome to a special Monday edition of Meet the Press.

Moderator Chuck Todd: Well, he has finally done it. Much as he said he could, on Saturday morning President Donald Trump stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot somebody. What does Washington think of this bold display of power? Is the President right that it won't lose him a vote in the 2020 election?

My guests today include South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Presidential Attorney Rudy Guiliani, and Wayne LaPierre, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association.

First to join me is a frequent guest on this show, the senior Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. Senator, your thoughts on the shooting.

Senator Graham:  You know, President Trump just cares so much for Americans and America. I can't believe the hostility you are showing to a man who has never even been charged with jaywalking. If he shot a man, he was right to shoot a man. That's what his success is all about.

Chuck Todd: I don't believe I have been hostile. But shooting someone makes him a successful President?

Senator Graham: He told his base he could do it, and he did it. Unlike Pelosi and Schumer who do nothing.

Chuck Todd: Hmph. Turning now to former Special Counsel Mueller. Mr. Mueller, what consequences should the President face?

Robert Mueller: Consequences? I think that is for others to decide. I can't even tell you if in shooting a man President Trump committed a crime or not. Well, I could tell you, but I won't tell you. I think I'll write a report instead. It will clearly say that the President did, or perhaps did not, commit a criminal act in shooting a person for no reason in the middle of 5th Avenue.

Chuck Todd: I see, or maybe I don't see. Mr. Guiliani, can you shed some light on the President's behavior.

Rudy Guiliani: Chuck, did you see him fire a gun? I didn't see him fire a gun. Is there a smoking gun? The police did not find a smoking gun. So no, he didn't fire a gun.

Chuck Todd: But Mayor Guiliani! 200 witnesses saw the fatal shot fired and have given statements to the police.

Rudy Guiliani: That's THEIR truth, Chuck. It's not MY truth and certainly doesn't have to be the President's truth.

Chuck Todd: Grrr. Mr. LaPierre, you look eager to get a word in.

Wayne LaPierre: As an honored military veteran, registered gun owner, and as good a guardian of charitable foundations as I am, President Trump has the right to shoot anything in his sights.

Chuck Todd: Uh, Mr. LaPierre, the President is NOT a military veteran, I DOUBT he owns a gun registration card, and his foundation had a "shocking pattern of illegality."

Wayne LaPierre: So did mine, Chuck. What's your point?

Chuck Todd:  I do not believe this. But it's time for insight and analysis so let's turn to our panel: Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, New York Times moralist David Brooks, token conservative Peggy Noonan, and  Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post.

Doris Kearns Goodwin: In President Lincoln's time...

Brooks, Noonan, Robinson: Doris, please shut up with all the Lincoln crap! We are so sick of hearing it from you.

Chuck Todd: I see that's all we have time for but remember, if it's Sunday, or sometimes Monday, it's Meet the Press.


President Donald Trump, via Twitter: I told yu I culd get awai with it! Covfefe.

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