A Two-Year Old Anti-Trump Blog Was My Most Popular Ever. What Else was in the Top Ten?


Four Fathers for Four Years

This month marks four years of my online blogging. What started as "Downsize, Maybe," a chronicle of Barb and I building our empty-nester home, morphed and metamorphosized in 'Getting More from Les," --  topically diffuse, told with different voices, but always with the goal of having at least one reader say "yeah, I get that." With over 350 posts and 175000 words, I could have written two average novels (that's average in length, not necessarily in content.) But for immediate feedback, there is little that beats blogging.

When people ask what my favorite post is, I usually say that it is the most recent one, whichever that is. The newest baby is always the freshest, the one with the labor pains foremost in memory. All very subjective. But as to which posts have been most widely read, there is factual and objective evidence via Google Analytics, a program that tracks every hit on the blog site. I may not know who is reading the blog, but I can tell what they are reading.

So looking back over the last four years, here are the ten blogs with the highest readership:

10. Would We Still Want to be on Family Feud? We never got the call, but we KNOW we would have won.

9.  Seven Words Pathologists Should Never Use  A reaction against a surprising story from the CDC.

8. Woodman's Market. This Wisconsin Invader is Worth a Visit. An unsolicited glowing review of Woodman's Market. I still shop there.

7. A Middle of the Road Democrat's Letter to Presiden-Elect Trump. Some pre-inauguration requests from a more naive me.

6. Is Curiosity Worth Losing a Job Over? Lessons from the Jessie (sic) Smollett Affair. A look at how some Northwestern Medical Center  employees fared worse than Jussie Smollett.

5. Trump News Conference: Both Sides Responsible for Solar Eclipse. You never know what he will say next!

4. Is Terry Boer's Autobiography the Bore of a Lifetime?  My zombie book review. It keeps rising from the dead.

3. An Open Letter to Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines. Yes I grumbled over having to spend a night in Detroit instead of Miami.

2. Carson's Department Stores are Closing for Good and I Care. Do You?  Reminiscing over a lifetime with a Chicago icon.

And at #1 on the hit parade, by a wide, wide margin. This post didn't quite go viral, but it at least went bacterial.

1. It is Time to Repeal and Replace Donald Trump. My feelings during the health care legislation situation. Who thinks my feelings have changed since?

So that, in a nutshell are the highlights of the last four years. I don't know what's ahead for the next four years, but I promise to keep writing and do my best. Thanks to all the loyal readers. Keep those cards and letters coming!

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