Ten Things To Look For In A Candidate-See Why They Are Redacted.

candidate-comboHello Chicagoland. Did you know the Illinois 2020 Presidential Primary is less than a year away? It's on March 17th, 2020 to be exact. And with Joe Biden getting ready to announce, the Democratic field is almost set.

Do I know who I will vote for? No, but I have my wants and my desires. Any of the potential candidates can meet them.  They are easy. By the way, I ran them by William Barr; he might have done a bit of redacting. So here are

Ten Things I Will Look For in Candidates Before I Vote in the Primary

  1. Don't be a d*ck. And if you have a d*ck, don't think with it.
  2. Don't be a p*ssy either. Stand up for what you believe.
  3. When they go low, don't kick 'em in the cr*tch. Aim higher than that.
  4. If you think your sh*t don't stink, smell again. Don't preach, act.
  5. When facing dictators and oligarchs around the world, have some b*lls. And if you don't have any, grow some.
  6. Be careful about whose *ss you kiss. And don't make your opponents kiss yours.
  7. Someday your world view may go t*ts up. Be strong enough to know what you still believe.
  8. Don't p*ss away opportunities to work with those across the aisle. They aren't all *ssh*les.
  9. Everyone has f*cked up once or twice in their life. Use it to become smarter. Don't let your opponents use it to hem you in.
  10. Don't be a b*tch to your husband, wife, spouse, partner, significant other, kids. We will be watching the way you treat your family.

Come to think of it, these rules would be good for all of us.

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