What Your Man's Shaving Style Says About Your Relationship. Don't Miss The Warnings!


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Your man stands at the bathroom mirror, razor in his hand, considering his face. He begins a ritual that goes back to his teens, a ritual that men have embraced for tens of thousands of years. How to get rid of that grizzly morning fuzz, and transform those cheeks into something smooth and wonderful for you, a bright shiny face for the world. It is time for a shave.

And there is so much you can learn about your relationship by standing by him every morning watching the steps he takes. Your whole relationship can be revealed IF you only know what to look for. Based on the latest in scientific psychologic research we present insight into what every man or woman can learn about their partner by just watching him shave. Which man do YOU have?

Lathering Up.

There are many ways he can put shaving cream on his face. Does he use an old-fashioned brush, the type with boar's head bristles and a hand-carved handle, perhaps passed down from his beloved dad? He's that type of guy, chivalrous and medieval in all things. He will hold the car door open for you, hang up your coat, earn the daily bread. But don't ask him to watch the baby. That my dear is YOUR job.

On the other hand, if he pops out a can of aerosol shaving foam, squirts out a generous dollop and slaps it willy-nilly on his face, he is a man on the move. Do things quickly, get 'em done and move on is his philosophy. No time to linger. That can also relate to the way he handles things in your, um, personal life. Think you can get him to slow down? Think again.

Or is he a shave gel guy? This bro likes slowly massaging the opulent gel across his cheeks until it forms a luxurious froth all across his face. Slow and steady will be his way with you. A keeper.

The Shave

Watch how your man takes those first strokes. Does he start above his lip and then move directly down to his chin, a narrow swath that never varies? Studies show this type of man is straight-laced and rigid. He won't easily make changes for you. Everything is right up the middle, following the rule book. A word of warning: DO NOT interrupt him when he has that blade in his hand!

Or does he start shaving by trimming his left sideburn? Most researchers agree this man is kind-hearted, the kind who will give you flowers AND chocolate on your first Valentine's Day. But if he starts on the right side, look out! Men with this shaving pattern have an overly close relationship with their mother. Anthony Perkins definitely shaved this way in Psycho, and we all know how that ended up for Janet Leigh. Don't plan on taking any long showers when THIS man shares your powder room.

The Aftershave

Does he choose a subtle yet manly scent? That's for you. Does he spritz on oodles of Axe? That is NOT for you! This guy is going to be out on the town, looking for trouble. Do NOT sign any long-term leases.

The Stubble Guy

You already know, don't you? This dude is just too cool for school. He will never grow up. It's a short step from a prickly face to unchanged underwear and unmatched socks. Do you really want to go there with him?


So tomorrow morning, wake up with your guy. Every shave is a mirror into his soul. And you need to be the one looking in.

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