Lustig, Lustig, Can Be Trusted-Great Guys and Gals at a Great Jeweler


Danny Lustig (right) and his designer Roman at Lustig Jewelers in Vernon Hills.

If the ring fits, wear it. On the other hand, if the ring doesn't fit, NO amount of hand lotion or elbow grease is going to get it on or off your finger. As I have written before, that was the situation with my current wedding, a beautiful gold and platinum affair Barb had picked out about 15 anniversaries ago.

We've been pretty busy, and the ring has sat in my jewelry box for the last few months, waiting for the time that Barb and I could get to the shop at which she bought the ring to see if they could help me out. We finally made the trip a few weeks ago, visiting the jewelry store during a quiet time on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

The salesman looked at the ring, asked me to try to put it on, and then confirmed that it was too small. He pulled it off my finger, looked at it, and told me that it would be impossible to resize it without cutting it and destroying the beautiful pattern engraved on its surface. And even then he wasn't confident it could be done. He suggested that instead of trying the impossible, we exchange the ring for a credit towards a new band.

Barb and I browsed through the store's jewelry showcases but were unimpressed with the fairly skimpy array of men's wedding rings. Some were gaudy, some were too plain, none were inspirational. We told the salesman we would think about it, and left the store, walking through the soaked parking lot back to my car. We agreed that we were not going to give up on my ring that easily!

So we turned to our good friend and second generation jeweler Danny Lustig at Lustig Jewelers in Vernon Hills. We've known Danny for 35 years, and have shared many happy times, not to mention chicken pox, with his family. And for all that time, Danny has been telling us about Roman, his incredibly talented jewelry designer. We realized that Roman was the man to try to save my ring.

Another Saturday and another trip to a jeweler. Danny and his staff were as friendly as ever, and when I explained the situation, he immediately called Roman out of the workroom to take a look. Roman did some measurements, passed out some trivia (did you know that in men, ring size and shoe size are usually the same?) and studied the intricacies of the bimetallic ring. "Yes," he said. "I can do this."

I left the ring and waited for the callback. A week later I was back in the shop and picked up my ring. It was shiny and perfect, with all its ornate carving intact. I won't reveal how Roman worked his magic, but after a few weeks of varying weather, I can say my ring fits me as well today as it did the day it was made.

And I'm set for many more years with my wedding ring and wife! Thanks Danny and Roman.

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