If Camaraderie Keeps You Healthy, How Many Groups Do You Have? Here Are 10 Of Mine.


Camaraderie in Detroit

UroPartners' Prostate Cancer Support Group invites prostate cancer patients and their families to join the group for "Information, Education and Camaraderie."  We all know what information and education are. But what exactly is camaraderie?

Merriam-Webster describes camaraderie as "a spirit of friendly good-fellowship" or "a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group." And something like that can help keep you healthy. If you don't believe it, here is one of many scientific studies verifying it.

I don't have the need for a cancer support group, but I still thought I would do some self-examination to see what groups I have from which I derive that spirit of friendly good fellowship.  Without much effort, I came up with these ten.

  1. My nuclear family. Barb, the kids, and the grandkids. Nothing brings a greater smile to my face or brings me more reason to be healthy and lead a long life.
  2. My machetunim and their families. Ok, the word is Yiddish, but there is nothing foreign about the concept. The machetunim are the parents and sibs of my daughter-in-law and the same from my son-in-law. Each celebration we share gains greater significance as the family expands.
  3. My late sister's family. Together we have memories and ongoing experiences. Going out to dinner last weekend with her son and his lovely wife brought me great joy. We literally laughed the night away.
  4. Our "couples" friends. Whether they go back to the very beginning of our relationship or are newer to our orbit, they know what I am talking about when I say "I got you, babe."
  5. My traveling buddies. We've crisscrossed the country, seeing some good baseball and eating some bad chili. There has never been a miniature golf course or batting cage that has stood up to our challenge. Yes, sometimes we bring our wives, but there is no way for the ladies to understand the allure of seeing the right-field wall of Forbes Field (Pittsburgh PA  1909-1970) or the home plate of Metropolitan Stadium (Bloomington MN. 1961-1981.)
  6. My pathologist associates. The four of us have been together for several years now, and it is a comfort to know there is always a helping hand and an informed opinion when needed.
  7. Our laboratory professionals at UroPartners.  I've written about them before. Their competency and good cheer make the lab feel like a second home, and on busy weeks, like my first one.
  8. The ChicagoNow community. I've only met one of the talented writers in person, but our private Facebook page (shh--it's a secret) is a great spot for exchanging tips, triumphs, and congratulations. I fled the nest a few months ago but recently returned. I am glad I am back in. I won't stray again.
  9. Sunday morning and Monday night tennis players. Playing and drilling with Barb on Sundays and smashing through the league on Mondays, I'll keep trying until I get it right.
  10. The pets. Milo and Princess are people too. At least, they think so!

So I have my camaraderie. Hopefully, it's helping to keep me healthy!

Have you checked lately on your own?

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