The Wendie Malick Effect. Is It Synchronicity?


Wendie Malick and Ian Hunter

Tuesday morning. Hear the Elle King song "Shame." Try to remember which former "Saturday Night Live" cast member is her father, David Spade or Rob Schneider. Look up David Spade online and start reading about his 1990's sitcom "Just Shoot Me." See the cast list of Spade, George Segal, Laura San Giacomo, and Wendie Malick. Haven't thought of most of them in years. Wonder what happened to Wendie Malick.

Tuesday evening. Watching the first few moments of "This is Us" with Barb. Flashback scene to Toby's youth. Briefly see a face that isn't one of the regular cast members. She looks familiar, but can't quite place her. The opening credits roll, and damn if there isn't a new name is on the cast list. You guessed it, it's Wendie Malick. An actress who hasn't been on even the fringes of my mind, and suddenly there she is, twice in one day.

So what is this? Is it a coincidence? Is it synchronicity? Is it just one of those things? How often does it happen to you? Something that is completely inexplicable, something that is statistically unlikely, but it happens none the less.

It's like our New York City experience. On three separate occasions, we have randomly bumped into different relatives while on one of our weekend jaunts. True, the cousin who tapped on my shoulder in a movie theater was living in New York at the time, but the other two are from Chicago. What are the odds of running across them in a city of 8 million, most of whom seem to be crowding into Manhattan at the same time?

Or how about my frequent music experience? Lin Brehmer on WXRT will start my morning playing something relatively obscure like an Ian Hunter song from the '70's. During my lunchtime workout on the treadmill, the same darn song will pop up on my Pandora station. And by the time I am driving home that evening, Me-TV will be playing the same rarity. A "Once Bitten Twice Shy" Triple Play? Can it all be just a sonic coincidence?

As a non-believer in pseudoscience, I have to know these are all just highly unlikely incidents that happened for no particular reason. There isn't a cosmic force twisting and altering the space-time continuum that makes me intersect with Wendie Malick twice in one day.  And I expect I will go the rest of my life without coming across another reference to Laura San Giacomo.

But if Ian Hunter just happens to be in the neighborhood and knocks on the laboratory door asking for directions tomorrow, you best believe I am going to start playing the lottery...

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