Dogs are Dumb? Who Says?


Milo gives the new study some thought.

Hey Milo!  We have to talk.

See, I saw this article in my newsfeed. It says that dogs like you just aren't that bright. Not that you are downright stupid or anything, but in the world of the animal kingdom dogs might not be the most outstanding intellectual species out there.

Two scientists --a sociologist and a psychologist from the UK--compared studies on canines to studies on a whole bunch of other animals. The usual suspects. You know. Wolves, cats, spotted hyenas, chimpanzees, dolphins, horses, and pigeons (and not just the pigeons that were going to replace me as a pathologist!) And what was their conclusion? "Dog cognition does not look exceptional."

I have read lots of letters of reference loaded with double-speak from employers talking about their former employees. Let me tell you, Milo, "does not look exceptional" is the equivalent of saying "This guy sucked. I wouldn't hire him again to change a light bulb." So Milo, I think you and all your pooch companions have been thrown some nasty shade.

But Milo, we still think you are bright enough for us. You know by the shoes I choose whether we are going for a long walk or a short one. You know that a dog on a TV show isn't one in your life, but one that is only mirrored on the TV screen is from the window behind you and worth turning around and having a good bark at.

You know when one of us is under the weather and needs a good cuddle. You know that little grandkids can sometimes be a bit handsy and pull an ear or a tail, but they mean no harm. While the kitten may hiss with indignation, you would never think of growling. And you know, so far, that you need to avoid skunks. 'Nuff said.

So we'll keep you around Milo. And I bet by this time next year there will be a new study saying dogs are smarter than most humans. Though I'm not sure that's saying much...

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