Democrats Seek Hoaxer for Nation-Wide Opportunity


President Trump calls Dr. Ford's allegations a hoax.

It was all a Democrat inspired hoax! At least that is what President Trump now has to say about Christine Blasey Ford and her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Wondering how those sly Democrats (almost)  pulled it off I decided to do some research.  I hit paydirt when I found the following want ad in the July 10th edition of the Tribune, just a day after the Kavanaugh nomination. It was listed under the category of "Jobs No One Could be Paid Enough To Do."

The want ad read:

Wanted: Middle-aged professional woman to play the role of "hoaxer"  in the nationally televised production of Let's Screw Brett Kavanaugh.

The successful candidate for this position must:

  • Have no history of political activity.
  • Have attended high school in 1982-1983 in the vicinity of Georgetown Preparatory School.
  • Have previously discussed with husband and therapist a fraudulent attempted sexual assault against her while a high school student.
  • Be willing to compose phony letters describing above and submitting them to her congressional representatives.
  • Have the ability to illegitimately pass a polygraph (lie detector) examination verifying the above.
  • Be willing to have her name released to the media.
  • Be willing to face death threats.
  • Be willing to relocate her home and go into hiding.
  • Be able to testify in a Senate hearing in a manner that the President of the United States might call "compelling" and "very credible."

Salary negotiable.

Please apply to Democratic National Committee or The Deep State. You know where to find us!

Poor Dr. Ford. I'm sure it is one job application she wishes she had passed up.
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