A Friend Needs a Kidney Transplant. Four Things You Can Do.

kidneyI use this blog to communicate my thoughts, ideas, and sometimes to have a little fun. Once a year I ask for something from each of you when I raise funds for prostate cancer awareness. That can be a gift of life; many of you have graciously donated to that cause.

But today I am asking for something more, a much different gift of life. The 31-year-old daughter of a friend of mine needs a living donor kidney transplant. I hope to reach out to hundreds or thousands of you, but it will only take one person out there to make it happen.

Why would you make the incredible sacrifice of giving a kidney to someone you don't know? Maybe it is because you believe that a young woman should not have to face a life of dialysis. Perhaps it is because someone in your own family was given some extraordinary gift from a stranger in the past. Or it could be that you want to load up on karma or improve your feng-shui, or your place on the mandala wheel. Maybe it just feels that life has been good, and you want to do something in return.

In 2017 almost 20,000 kidney transplants were performed in the US, but only a little over 6,000 living donor organ transplants of any kind were done. That is very few and speaks to the difficulty in obtaining donors for this type of transplant. Many of these donors are a family member of the transplant recipient. In my friend's case, he donated one kidney to his daughter 14 years ago. She now requires another, and there is no family member who can currently donate.

Many people, such as Barb and I cannot donate for medical reasons. Many others cannot for family or financial reasons It's not easy to miss a few weeks from work. That is why the net must be cast so broadly, in the hopes of finding one person who can give this immense gift. So I ask these things of you.

  1. Consider being the kidney transplant donor. If you are interested and need more information, email me at les.raff@post.com
  2. Spread the word. Talk to friends and family. Forward this post, or share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. Become a blood donor. Not for any specific reason or person. Just because. It feels great and helps many, many people.
  4. Lead a healthy lifestyle. For your own sake!

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