Who Gets Prostate Cancer? It Could Be You Or Someone You Love


Ben Stiller, Colin Powell, Robert DeNiro, Harry Belafonte, my Dad, John Kerry, Roger Moore, Mandy Patinkin, and Frank Zappa have all been afflicted by prostate cancer.

Who gets prostate cancer?

Comedy stars get prostate cancer.
Generals get prostate cancer.
Good Fellas get prostate cancer.
Singers get prostate cancer.
Presidential candidates get prostate cancer.
James Bond gets prostate cancer.
Broadway stars get prostate cancer.
Mothers of Invention get prostate cancer.
My dad got prostate cancer.

The famous and the powerful. The funny and the musical. Somebodies husband or father. All can be struck with the disease that will affect 1 out of 9 American men in their lifetime. For men, prostate cancer is 2nd only to lung cancer for cancer deaths. It took my father, and it will always be a risk for me.

So every year I run the run, raise as much money as I can, and give support to the SEA Blue Chicago Prostate Cancer Annual Walk and Run, Us Too International's annual Chicago fundraising event. SEA stands for Support, Education, and Advocacy. These needs stand shoulder to shoulder with the need for research into prevention, early detection, and improved therapeutic options for prostate cancer.

Most men screened for prostate cancer will not have prostate cancer. Some of the men with prostate cancer will not need treatment for many years. Many, many, men will survive their prostate cancer.

But I know it can be a deadly disease. I lost my dad to prostate cancer, and in his honor, I will run September 9th in Lincoln Park. Won't you help me remember him, or honor someone you have loved? Please click here to make a donation. Every dollar is appreciated. Every dollar can help make a difference.

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