Build a Bridge; Save a Life. Let's Prevent More Mass Killings

parkland-shooting-2I was going to write about tennis. The blog was all written in my head, and I had most of it down on the page. But I kept thinking to myself, "Is this really what I want to be writing about?" While lots of good things have been happening in my family, other families are suffering the after-effects of another hideous mass killing. Once again the scene was a school, the victims mostly children.

All of us know someone in a school system somewhere. I have a daughter who teaches. I have grandchildren who are nearing primary school age. None of them can feel fully safe in their school. This is a national disgrace.

But my intention in writing this post is not to list, or even to mention, the things that I think we should we do to prevent more incidents. My intention in writing this post is not for me to scream and yell about how awful and intransigent the other side is on this issue. My intention in writing this post is not to try to out-tweet the tweeters. My intention in writing this post is to do something different altogether. My intention in writing this post is to start you building a bridge.

No matter which side of the aisle any of you are on, you probably know someone from the other side. It may be a friend, a relative, the guy on the treadmill next to you at the gym, or the new woman IT consultant in the office. Sit down with them for five minutes and see if you can come up with one suggestion that you both agree on, that could reduce or eliminate the number of mass killings in this country. The suggestion probably won't eliminate these incidents overnight, but maybe enough good, bi-partisan, suggestions, could be a start.

Leave your suggestions as Comments here on the ChicagoNow site, or as Comments on Facebook. Alternatively, you can send the idea that you and your new partner agree on to me at I will do my best to collate the list. I'll pass it on to my Senators and to my Congressman. I'll publish the list so readers in other locales can do the same. And please feel free to share this post. The more ideas, the better.

Maybe after that, I can get back to writing about tennis.

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