Why the Name is Changing, But the Song Remains the Same

song-remains-the-sameI have made a change. You may not have noticed, but beginning today, my blog has a shiny new name."Downsize, Maybe" has been retired.

When I started writing in the middle of 2015, Barb and I were still contemplating what sort of house we would build. We thought we would probably be downsizing, but we weren't quite sure that things would turn out that way, hence the original title of the blog "Downsize, Maybe." I wonder if anyone recognized the phrasing as a take-off on the hit song, "Call Me Maybe?" As Carly Rae Jepsen sang, and Barb and I knew, "this is crazy."

So a lot of the early posts, particularly from the pre-ChicagoNow days, were adventures in home designing, financing, and building. It was often a rocky road (when isn't it) and lots of the frustrations made it into these pages. But Barb and I have been in the house since January, and since that time we are just typical suburbanites. I really haven't written very much about our "Crystal Palace" these last few months. So like Dart on Stranger Things, the time has come for this blog to molt its skin and take on a new identity. "Downsize, Maybe" is becoming "Getting More From Les."  The king is dead, long live the king!

Where will we go from here? I suspect there will still be plenty of glimpses into our lives and passions and challenges. I will continue to observe the absurd, police the politicians, promote the prostate, and chime in for or against the national zeitgeist. I may return a bit more to the music I love.

I hope to keep writing as long as you will keep reading. As always, comments, criticisms and new subscribers are welcome. Pass it on!Like what you read here? Add your name to our subscription list below. No spam, I promise!


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