Hillary, It Is Not About "What Happened." It Is About What Didn't Happen. Here Is Why.

bill-and-hillaryThis is where we are now. The Justice Department is being pushed by the President to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Allegations against Ray Moore are reigniting the "Bill Clinton did worse things to women than this southern gentleman ever did, and Hillary stood by him" conversation.  And we are coming to recognize just how deeply sexual harassment has permeated Hollywood, Washington and probably all places in between.

Hillary, you missed your chance to make a mark on all of these.

It wouldn't have taken a lot, just a couple of hundred words back in late 2015, words that might have been more important than cozying up to the Democratic National Committee. Surely you and your staff could have produced a statement that went something like this:

"I want to be your candidate for the Presidency of the United States, and beyond that I want to be your President. I have the experience, the temperment and the body of advisors that will be necessary to create a successful, progressive administration. I will not fail you.

There is one matter that may cloud my candidacy. The glass ceiling I am seeking to smash is held in place by many factors. One of those factors is the impediment placed in our way by ongoing sexual harrassment and unfair treatment of women in the workplace. Men have abused their positions of power to put tough women, resilient women, creative women, in positions of disadvantage or worse. One of the men implicated in such situations, both in and out of the work place, has been my husband, Bill Clinton.

I love and trust my husband. However, I must recognize the multitude of incidents attributed to him. With that in mind, Bill will have no role in any aspect of my campaign for the Presidency. He will not fund raise, he will not advise, he will not speak on my behalf. I further pledge that during my term as President, Bill will not be a part of the administration. He will devote his time and energy to the Clinton Foundation, with the assistance of an oversight committee that will ensure the separation of the business of the Foundation from the business of the State.

Our administration will miss the experience, knowledge and talents of my husband. It is a sacrifice that I make sadly but willingly. Women must and will be respected as our country enters a new age."

You could have done it, Hillary. Banished Bill. Acknowledged his shenanigans and harassments. Even kept him off the tarmac with Loretta Lynch. And two things might be different today. Ray Moore might be just a footnote to history. And you might be President.


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