We Are Great Because You Won't Stop



Lab Mates:

We are a great lab. When we were reviewing inspection checklists at our meeting yesterday I said that it wasn't following all the items on the mandated punch list that made us great. I was wondering if one of you would ask me what it is that does make us special, but no one raised that question. If they had, my answer would have been this.

We are great because you are compulsive. Issues arise in the lab--they arise in every lab. But issues have answers, and none of you will stop until you have found those answers and solutions. You won't stop until you know the precise location from which each biopsy fragment came from. You won't stop until you know exactly why a patient's name was changed on the medical record. You won't stop until you have proven that the change in a patient's blood values correspond to some change in the clinical condition.

You make phone calls, you comb through the record, you dig out old worksheets. You come in at all hours of the day and night, intensity burning in your eyes. The balky computer systems between the lab and the electronic medical records aren't playing nice with each other? You figure out a work around to keep the data flowing. The big national reference labs have been mixing up some of our patient specimens? You won't stop until you know who every specimen belongs to.

It's not just reference labs you have to deal with. Those world renowned university hospitals in our backyard--you are on their tail, making sure that when they request biopsy slides on our patients those biopsy slides gets returned, preferably unbroken, sooner rather than later. And the reports those medical Meccas issue? They better have all the details right or they will hear from you!

Of course we comply with all the thousands of items on the checklist. All the quality control, all the proficiency testing, all the OSHA and HIPAA and CMS details. It is my job to make sure we meet all those regulations. And that makes us a damn good lab. But it is the bulldog in all of you that makes us great.

Just thought you should know!

The opinions expressed above are those of the author and not directed by UroPartners LLC (though I am sure they agree.)


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