A Word Trump Might Not Have Said

trump-talkI made a mistake in judgment. Yesterday's blog post was a satirical look at our President and how he chooses to view the world and its events, man-made or natural. It was a pretty good piece, worthy of being an anchor on the ChicagoNow Weekend Front Page and to attract some attention in the Twitter zone, where it recently was popular in Scandinavia. No one complained about anything I had written, and my words were certainly not vitriolic enough to put me in the target zone of any Pro-Trumpers.

But in that post, I made a misstep, and I need to apologize for it. I used a slur, an out-dated word that I am sure is offensive to my LGBTQ friends, relatives and colleagues, and to anyone else reading the piece, either on ChicagoNow, Facebook or Twitter. I ascribed the utterance of the word to President Trump, in an entirely invented quote from a non-existent news conference. Yes, fake news, but lord, it was so outlandish I hope no one took it for anything but a bit of whimsy on my part!

Yet I printed that word. My usage was offensive in two ways. First, although it was one of those smears that used to flow easily off peoples lips, like the "N Word" or the "K Word," it was wrong to use in the past and it was wrong to use now. I cavalierly placed it in my post; I should not have. Second, I have no evidence that President Trump has ever used the word in private conversation or in public speech. He has shown himself to be incompetent, intolerant, thoughtless and dangerous, but that does not permit me to put certain words into his mouth. Besides, he already has his foot in there most days, without any help from this blog.

I have gone back to yesterday's post and performed a self-edit. It looks pretty seamless. I don't know if  Mr. Trump will appreciate my cleaning up his (fake) act, but I know that I feel better now that I have cleaned up mine.

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