Why Game of Thrones Will Make You Smarter. 10 Life Lessons I Have Learned Watching Seasons 1-6.

game-of-thronesAre you a fan? Get your kicks watching Cersei and Jon Snow and fire breathing dragons? Then I am sure that you will be home Sunday night perched in front of your favorite TV set to watch the Season 7 premiere of "Game of Thrones" live. Sure you could go to a GOT party, but that's like a Super Bowl Party, too much attention to the food, not enough attention to the onscreen action. And who wants to wait while your hosts try to figure out how to work the remote to replay a key scene?

We will be home in front of our new 4K HDTV megaset watching HBO with rapt attention and trying to remember how last season ended. Who is good, who is evil, who is alive, who is dead, and who is somewhere in between?

We have been watching for years, and I have read a few of the George RR Martin novels. But don't think that is wasted time! Here are 10 life lessons I have learned watching since the beginning.

  1. Dragons cause mayhem. Unfortunately, State Farm doesn't insure for THAT type of mayhem.
  2. Shadows make perfect assasins. They don't leave fingerprints or DNA.
  3. Pretending your nephew is your illegitimate son can screw up lots of lives. And it won't make your wife happy.
  4. Short people got no reason to live...no wait, that's a Randy Newman song. In GOT the short guy kills it. Literally.
  5. Immature, egotistical teenage megalomaniacs make less than ideal rulers. No matter how old they are.
  6. Dogs WILL bite the hand that feeds them. And the arms, face, neck, toes etc.
  7. Walls have a purpose. When the bad hombres are White Walkers.
  8. Sex with siblings. It is as creepy as it sounds.
  9. Watching your sibling be killed by molten gold. Also creepy.
  10. Hotels charge more for Red Weddings. It's hard to get the blood out of the carpet.

There you have it. 10 ways "Game of Thrones" has explained the world to me. Next week I'll tell you what I have learned from "The Walking Dead..."


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