It is Time to Repeal and Replace Donald Trump

trump-7-17Eighteen months ago I started out with a gentle parody of the Republican and Democratic Primary/Debate process. A little later I turned my focus more specifically to Donald Trump.  After his win in November, I beseeched him to be a President who listened to, and governed for, all of us--regardless of age, race, profession or social status. And even this week, my mockery was passive in nature.

I do not know what finally flipped my switch. Maybe it is the cumulative weight of his tweets, his shameless disregard for protocol, his lack of any consistent policy on anything that has turned up the burn. The ongoing debacle in the Senate is made untenable knowing that there is a President who will sign any bill obliterating the Affordable Care Act, probably without even knowing the contents, just to live up to one of his loudest and least thought out campaign pledges. Donald, who knew health care reform could be so complicated?

John McCain, whom you alternately say is or isn't a hero, gave you and the rest of the Republican Senate majority some cover to allow you to try to work with the Democratic opposition to repair a flawed but savable health care plan. But instead, you and Mitch McConnell prefer a  blaze of destruction.

Your foreign policy is a sham apparently designed to protect your personal interests; your Cabinet is mostly packed with lightweights. Your communications team is a joke, even if we must say goodbye to Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impersonation. Today you fret and tweet about transgender personnel in the military while we read that North Korea is closer than ever to developing usable ICBMs. Do you represent the country's priorities? Are you the man we need making key decisions while the Doomsday Clock ticks closer to midnight? Or do you calculate that a nuclear war might help us forget all about your hostility to the undeniable fact of global warming? I can see the tweet now "Oops, HUGE atomic explosion, nuclear winter will prove global warming GIANT hoax. #toldyouso #bigboom."

Walls instead of bridges, vitriol instead of vision. Six months have already been too much.

So what will it be--do we repeal you with the 25th Amendment or replace you with impeachment? The time has come for one or the other.


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