Am I A Sporcle Addict?

question-markDo I smoke? Not since I lit up a Muriel Cigar in high school, lured in by Muriel pitch woman Edie Adams. Do I drink? Wine with dinner, beer with pizza, Margarita's for Fathers Day and a good Scotch with my friends, but really nothing overboard or hepatotoxic. Do I do drugs? Not a pill or a puff. Legalize weed wherever you want, my one or two teenage experiences just made me sleepy. BUT...ask me a trivia question and I can feel the needle entering my arm, the obsession coursing through my veins.

Nothing new about this. There was Jeopardy and It's Academic and Trivial Pursuit. I have bragged about elevating a pub trivia team from the brink of despair. And I can't forget being a five time winner on WXRT's "3 for Free" trivia contest, even if there probably aren't THAT many listeners at 6:40 in the morning. But these habits are as manageable as my Margaritas. I can quit any time.

And then I stumbled on Sporcle, a website built to ensnare hopeless factoid freaks like me. And to put it bluntly, OH MY GOD. An endless stream of unnecessary trivia, with everything from match games to map games. Who said this, who starred in that? Which book came first, which author doesn't belong? A rainy afternoon can turn into a marathon of right and wrong answers, with no penalties for going down the tubes. In this trivia wormhole time has no meaning. Questions pop up at the speed of light, new challenges never stop flowing.

I suppose the website does some ranking of players. I wouldn't know, I haven't stopped answering quizzes long enough to check. And I really don't care where I rate. I am there for the rush, the first jolt of adrenaline when my brain finds the answer and my fingers hit the keys. And it's all perfectly legal in 50 states, and not just for medicinal purposes!

Are you Sporcle material too? I've created two quizzes to get you started. The first measures how well you have been following our lives in the "Downsize-Maybe" blog. The second is a bit of musicana trivia for those who like it live. Just press the green tabs. Have fun!


What song is each of these spoken lines associated with in a "live" recording?

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