Will We Be Holding Hands in 2032?

handsWe are in the Westchester Panera.  Barb has brought our granddaughters to the western 'burbs for a rare treat, lunch out followed by a visit to Baba's lab. The girls are entertaining the crowd as they always do, generous with their giggles and smiles and waves. An older couple, who tell us they have five grandkids of their own, seem particularly entranced.

Our food arrives and we begin the balancing act of eating our own lunch while keeping a one-year-old and a three-year-old fed, clean, and happy. Nana and Baba are quick with the wipes, not wanting the macaroni and cheese to fuse with the squeezable yogurt into an organic Gorilla Glue on the girls' chins.

"hold my hand"--Hootie and the Blowfish

Barb nudges me. "Don't look now, but they are holding hands."


"That older couple we were talking to. They are reaching across their table and holding hands. It is so cute!"

"holding hands and skimming stones"--Elton John

I casually look over my shoulder to witness the elderly couple as they hold hands and chat while waiting for the server to bring their order. They see us watching and smile.

"How long are you married?" Barb asks, gambling that this is a long-lived love affair and not a new infatuation.

"53 years," they say in unison.

"I want to hold your hand"--The Beatles

Barb and I both do the math. That's 15 years longer than the two of us have been married. Not such a long time. We will hit 53 years of marriage in our mid-70's. Will we be sitting in the 2032 equivalent of Panera, holding hands and staring into each other's eyes?

Barb still takes my hand when we walk across a parking lot. Sometimes we hold hands in the car, even as I barrel down the fast lane of the Tristate, cruise control set and just one hand on the steering wheel.  It's not something we think about, just something that happens.

"hands, touching hands" --Neil Diamond

There are supposedly scientific reasons for hand holding. Yeah, that kind of science is air quotes "science." For us, it is a connection, and more than that, a contentment. I think we can keep that up for another 15 years. Better yet, I think we will shoot for another 30! What do you think, Barb?

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photo credit: JPott Love is in the Air via photopin (license)

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