Whose House is it Anyway? It is all Good.

It's been awhile since you've heard from me. It isn't a case of writer's block or the nefarious (among bloggers) "fear to publish" syndrome. It certainly isn't about a lack of things to write about. It's more a case of trying to pack 30 lbs of stuff to do into a 20 lb bag of time. There just hasn't been enough of me to go around.

Early January was filled with a monsoon of sub-contractors working on the new home, or "the big" as our granddaughter likes to call it. Once we gave builders Ham and Jeff an absolute deadline, we found the house filled with wall-to-wall workers. Painters, tilers, electrician, cleaners, the butcher, the baker and our favorite cabinet maker all stepped on each others toes in an effort to get us a certificate of occupancy. In the meantime, I collected contractor's waivers and negotiated with the title company, part of our slightly unconventional way of financing the project.

And then there was the process of packing up our furnished apartment. What we thought would be a 2 hour job turned into a two day one. We stacked the living room with boxes, making it a challenge to get to the front door. Max and Phoebe certainly seemed befuddled.


Moving Day-Barb Shares Lunch with the Gang

Moving day was smooth but not perfect, challenging but not chaotic. The move in crew wasn't quite as sharp as the move out crew had been, and we detected a few broken pieces, although some damage remained hidden within the layers of cardboard, bubble wrap and packaging paper. Nothing too major, but disappointing none the less.

During the next week of frenetic unpacking we were assaulted by the odor of freshly stained wood floors and a gas-like (but according to North Shore Gas not actual natural gas) miasma--the result of all those last minute paints and stains. Tradesmen continued their round the clock assault, working on AV, alarms and back-up power systems. We escaped for a wonderful relaxing week with friends at our Cabo San Lucas timeshare, though even that was interrupted by a text from the lab--"Two inspectors just turned up at the door for a surprise lab inspection." That was one day of the vacation spent mostly on the phone, though my work associates tell me they could hear the gentle poolside breeze in the background. At least they couldn't see the gentle poolside Margarita in my hand!

Returning home I was faced with learning a new computer system at the lab while clearing up the paper work from the inspection, and more unpacking in "the big." There were plenty of house tours to family and friends, with more than a few celebratory bottles of wine uncorked. When we realized one of our old TV sets was too small for the allotted wall space off we went to BestBuy for a new smart TV. We discovered the smartest party in the TV equation are the sellers of TV brackets, which are more expensive than the UltraHigh Def 10G Supersonic Sets that hang on them.

Yesterday was a major milestone. Handymen hung our artwork and unfurled area rugs on the now thoroughly cured wood floors. The cardboard cartons were all sent for recycling and the properly stickered garbage bags hauled away so I can once again park in the garage. Now in every room in the house we have something familiar. There is something old, something new. But as we were going to bed Barb said to me "I feel like an imposter in this house." So it is still with a little trepidation and a little uncertainty that we walk past the newly painted walls and the glistening chandeliers, negotiate the kitchen island-continent, and struggle with finding the new light switches. It is our home, but just doesn't quite feel like it yet. But I know deep down and without hesitation, the best is yet to come!


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