Does Something Haunt our Suburban Home?

monsters"The stairs creak as I sleep,
It's keeping me awake
It's the house telling you to close your eyes"
Little Talks-Of Monsters and Men

Crash!! Barb jolts up, awakened by the boom reverberating through the house, cutting through her dreams and leaving her disoriented and uneasy. A hard nudge to my ribs and I join her in 3 a.m. confusion.

"Did you hear that? I think it came from the basement."

So we rise together and head for the stairs, not sure what we will find below. For a moment I wish I had Lucille, Negan's spike wrapped baseball bat* at hand. We flip on the many basement light switches and do a groggy but thorough search.  We find nothing.

"Maybe it was from the bathroom."

A search in the master bath is more fruitful. The suction cup holding the squeegee to the shower wall has loosened, and the dislodged squeegee has tumbled to the ceramic floor. In the enclosed space of the shower stall the bounces and echoes have made up the thunderclap that woke Barb. We go back to bed, mumbling about what it will be that wake us up next.

Because nights have been anything but peaceful in the new house. The evening before, we finally made it to bed at midnight following a small Academy Awards gathering lengthened by both losing the sound on our new super wide screen television and the La La - Moonlight Madness. Less than an hour after we closed our eyes we were awakened by our house alarm, warning us that a sensor had failed. Not an intrusion, just a failed sensor. Checking it out, responding to the monitoring company's phone call, bypassing the forbidden zone, tossing and turning, and soon an hour of much needed sleep was gone.

The night before that? First Max, our aging pup, woke Barb at about 4 a.m. Before she could settle back to sleep she heard the  chime warning that an outside door had opened -- a feature I hate but now know why Barb appreciates. She rose to take a look, once again without the benefit of Lucille, and found the side door open and blowing in the breeze. She woke me and we did a search, responded to the monitoring company, and tried to get a last few moments of sleep.

Is the house talking to us? Is it having its fun with us? Is this a Poltergeist situation? Not being a believer in the supernatural, I doubt it. But I think that all of us, me, Barb, Max--everyone but the kitten--are still experiencing the unsettledness of living in a new home, even one as customized to our needs as this one. The little flaws and failures feel magnified, and we just haven't gotten around yet to adding the final touches.

Hopefully soon the televisions will all work all the time, alarm sensors won't fail, the $6.00 paper shades on the windows will be replaced by lovely window treatments, and  a smart system will help manage all the light switches (any suggestions/advice on smart systems appreciated.) The house will feel like home.

I am sure we will return to good nights of sleep. Until then, if you see me yawning, now you know why.

*Walking Dead reference.

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