Ten Things That Got Me Smiling Last Week. What Works for You?

smilecomboIce skating makes some people happy. How do I know? First I saw an overwhelmed sitcom mom having fun on an ice rink. Then I listened as an audiobook protagonist, grieving at his mother's funeral, cheered up when he remembered skating on a frozen pond as a boy.

Now my experiences at the long gone Rainbo Arena Ice Rink in Chicago were mostly spent laying prone on the ice rather than speed skating across it, so I can't consider ice skating a joyous activity. But the coalescence did make me stop and think about things that had made me smile over the last week or so. After all, it hasn't been all Trump Tremors.

  1. The Supermoon. We had a beautiful view of it rising above our construction site. And I got a laugh reading the article in the New York Times that dissed all the attention as being not particularly scientific. Come on--sometimes you have to think with your heart, not your head.
  2. International Pathology Day. Yes, to my surprise, yesterday was a special day for my field. Of course it was totally ignored. I would have been the easy winner if it had been the topic for 'XRT's "3 for Free" but unfortunately the contest is off the air with Lin Brehmer in Italy. Oh well, maybe next year.
  3. Our anniversary. Barb and I had the opportunity to celebrate our 38th attending a downtown wedding. We danced to "Shout," sang along to "Don't Stop Believing," and of course took notes in preparation for next year's Laury-Alex extravaganza.
  4. Our anniversary, part 2. A video of our granddaughter singing "Happy Anniversary" to Nana and Baba. I won't post a link here, but if you are a Facebook friend of Barb or me you can find it there.
  5. Our anniversary, part 3. A gift book from Barb, "Hamilton: The Revolution" by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter. All the lyrics, with annotations by Lin explaining all the musical and historical references, as well as the back story of how the musical was created. A great way to indulge my Broadway passion, and prepare me for the next time we see the show (yes, there must be a next time.)
  6. Some progress on the house. What is completed looks great, there just seems to be so much more to go. My smile comes when I drive to the site and see a row of tradespeople's trucks lined up in front. I don't get as much of a thrill when all I see is an empty house begging to be finished.
  7. A surprise visit. I learned that Barb's cousin from California will make the trip to Chicago to attend a dinner I am being honored at for Israel Bonds. Very sweet of her to come in for the event. And maybe a chance for her to spend some time with her son and his family who live here too. A definite win-win. Oh, and if anyone wants more information about the dinner or Israel Bonds, email me at les.raff@post.com.  All inquiries appreciated.
  8. Buddy Ball. A great Sunday spent with good friends. Lox, chili, Password, and tears of joy (this means you, Gary) over the Cubs. Oh yeah, we watched the Bears-Buccaneers game. I promise not to spend any more Sundays this year with that.
  9. Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live. Her rendition of Hallelujah brought a smile and then some tears of my own.
  10. A Patrick Kane goal. Since we started talking skates, let's finish the list that way too. Patrick Kane demonstrated his award winning skill against the Canadians Sunday night with an incredible falling down goal. Here's hoping that Kane's future is all highlight reels without any more news about predatory "locker room" activity.

So ten smiles in a week isn't too bad! How about you--what has been making you smile? Add a comment, share the blog, let's ind out what makes people happy!

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