Republicans and Democrats -- Could I Love Your Next Candidate?

profileThe post election Democratic Party is a mess, its coalition in tatters now that the white male center has fled.

The Republican Party is in no better shape, unable to take advantage of its unexpected win. The transition team has fumbled as badly as Jay Cutler on a strip sack; the blown hand-off from Chris Christie to Mike Pence revealing poor signal calling from the start. "Draining the swamps" will have to wait until someone figures out how do do a public works project that works for the public. And some of the rhetoric is very, very scary.

So let's say we muddle through the next four years. By 2020 I assume Trump will have had enough of the scrutiny and the in-fighting with a party he foisted himself upon.  He will want to enjoy the fortune that multiplied exponentially during his presidential tenure. Call him One-Term-Trump. Mike Pence will be available as a candidate, but can he survive four Trumpean years without being tainted? So Republicans may need a new man at the head of the ticket. And as for the Democrats? The bench is EMPTY.

What will the parties be looking for? Someone young and fresh, but with a little bit of experience, maybe 4 or 5 years in the Senate. Someone who understands wealth and is comfortable dealing with big business, but also has a family tradition of having a heart and caring for the poor and downtrodden. Someone who has been tested in war and can be a hero to those who want a strong military. Someone who has the courage to face Moscow down, but won't be too quick to pull the nuclear trigger. A natural debater, and a eloquent speaker whose words can inspire. Perhaps in a religious minority, with understanding of what being a minority means. Someone with style and elegance, because when you are a world leader, those things DO matter.

Someone like that might have some baggage. So attractive, so well-groomed, many would be attracted sexually or romantically and not all would get turned down. Maybe family ties would be a little too strong at times, with that being the first test of loyalty. Maybe chronic war time injuries would be swept under the rug. And it might take some back room politics to get elected.

But it would be laid on the line, our service to the country would come before the country's service to us. And whether this candidate is a man or a woman, black, white, yellow or brown would not matter.

The saddest truth is that we had that person He was assassinated 53 years ago today. I look at our leaders now, and I weep.

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