Ding Dong The Dumpster's Gone!


It will be a Great Room!

"If I had a hammer...

...I'd hammer in the morning."

Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes-1949

Like a convict in a lonely prison cell we etch lines into the wall to indicate the number of days we have lived in the dark apartment. 30, 40, 50. Unlike the convict we do not know how long our sentence will be. The builders always said house should be completed "around the holiday". But which one? Halloween? Not a ghost of a chance. Thanksgiving? Fitting, but unlikely. Christmas, Hannukah or New Years? How would we even find a mover during that busy time. So my bet is on January 13th. Why? According to Holiday Insights website, January 13th is Make Your Dream Come True Day. Sounds like a prophecy to me.

Where are we on construction at this point? All the hardwood floors are in (see above), and some of it has been stained. The floors have definitely earned Barb's seal of approval. All the floor tiling has been delivered, and some has been installed. It is a long tedious project, and Barb has made good friends with the installer as he and Barb figure out exactly where to lay the tile rug in the master bath and determine which way the pattern goes in the upstairs shower. Rough plumbing and electric have long been complete, though various patches and corrections are necessary. Dimmer switches? Those don't look like no stinkin' dimmer switches to us! We long for the arrival of the staircases so we can do away with the rickety construction ones.

On the exterior, after what seems like months, the stucco is complete. The stone needs an acid wash, the gutters need to be hung. Rough grading should be done this week, followed by the initial phase of landscaping, the footpaths and the deck. Some of our plantings will surely have to wait until spring. On a positive note, with the major clean up of the property done last weekend, the second dumpster was filled and hauled away. The garage door should be in this week, and once the house can be locked up tight, the construction fence can come down. Progress is in the air.

So why the pessimism on making it in before the end of the year? The builder gives us this rough timeline. Three more weeks to finish the floors and get the cabinets in place, another three weeks for counter tops to be measured, manufactured and installed, followed by three weeks of final plumbing, electric and painting. That is if all goes according to the current plan. With all those holidays ahead, it is clear we will be putting lots more notches in the apartment wall. At least we are glad it is not a life sentence.


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