Cutting the Cheese: Five Things I Learned that Aren't About Trump

cheeseThe news is saturated with Clinton, Trump and the election. Since I decided long ago that I was firmly in the Democratic camp, and since I can barely stomach the vitriol being unleashed, I decided to report on a few non-political things I have come across in the last few days:


  • Cheese to Please: We have 3 generations of  cheese lovers in the family, as well as a cheese craving dog. My choice on a sandwich is Jarlsberg, but I always feel just a little guilty at the grocery when I tell the clerk, "I want the real stuff, not the low fat variety that tastes like plastic." Wouldn't low-fat be better for me? Now there is "scientific evidence" that there is no health benefit to switching out real cheese for the low fat variety. Big dog Max will be especially pleased.
  • Rolling Down the River: More family secrets. Some members of our family can roll their tongues, some of us cannot ( I am a non-roller). We took a survey and determined that this must be an inherited autosomal dominant trait. Further research reveals that this is a myth--tongue rolling can be learned. It is not a simple genetic inheritance pattern.
  • The Story Never Ends: No matter how much I write about Theranos, I can't keep up with the crash landing. No sooner did I write about the lab closing, than we learn that a large hedge fund that invested heavily in Theranos and its "new" technology is suing the company for "knowingly and repeatedly lying" while raising funds. Glad to say Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos CEO, was neither a pathologist nor any other type of physician. A business savvy friend of mine swears criminal charges are soon to follow. Holmes may be soon looking at jump suit orange instead of turtleneck black.
  • Through the Looking Glass: I don't have an on-line link for this one, but in its print edition, the Wall Street Journal blamed tighter government regulation of banks for the Wells Fargo scandal. Sort of like Donald Trump blaming Hillary Clinton for his not paying taxes. Oops, couldn't totally avoid writing about the election.
  • Mean Mr. Mustard: TMZ (ok, not necessarily the most reliable source) posted a video of Alex Trebek "teasingly" calling a contestant on Jeopardy! a loser. As a former contestant on the show I can attest that Mr. Trebek has a higher opinion of himself than he does of many contestants.  During my taping he had another competitor close to tears over his weight. Fat shaming was no more pleasant in 1989 than it is now.

One other bit of news of note. Our blog about the challenges of replacing headphone cushions when dealing with a Swedish company was named one of ChicagoNow's top three blogs for September. If you missed it, you can find it here. And don't forget to treat yourself so some full fat macaroni and cheese!

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