Bob Dylan Won a Prize, You Could Too!

dylan-baezWell you burst on the scene
Already a legend
The unwashed phenomenon
The original vagabond

Joan Baez-Diamonds and Rust


The Nobel Prizes don't get much respect. Oh, I suppose research scientists think a lot of them, and major universities like to brag how many laureates they have on their faculty (this years score-Northwestern 1,University of Chicago 0), but otherwise, you just don't read much about the Nobels in People or on TMZ. OK, there is a Nobel page on Facebook, but I just looked at it...pretty dry stuff.

Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature certainly gave the award more than a little buzz, with positive and negative responses from around the globe. Apparently Dylan himself is so much in shock he hasn't yet responded to the Nobel Committee or in any way acknowledge the award. In shock, or totally indifferent. The $900,000 cash award is nice, but I doubt he needs it to change his lifestyle.

Like all boomers, I grew up with Dylan in my head. Peter, Paul and Mary's cover version of Blowin' in the Wind was probably the first song of his I was aware of, followed by the Byrd's cover of Mr. Tambourine Man. I was there for Like a Rolling Stone and lots of other hits in the 60's, Hurricane and Tangled Up in Blue in the 70's,  but then I guess I lost track of Mr. Dylan. Rumors of religious conversions, country music--he was still recording, I just wasn't listening. I did read "Positively 4th Street", a less than fawning history of Dylan, Joan and Mimi Baez, and their Greenwich Village crowd. He did not come off as the nicest person in the room.

No point in quoting a lot of Dylan lyrics here. You can find them anywhere on the web. There is one line I do try to remember when writing. It is from Don't Think Twice It's Alright. At the end of this great break-up song he writes "You just kinda wasted my precious time." Something I hope my blog readers never feel!


My headline promised a prize, so here goes. With Dylan on my mind I present our second Tuesday Morning Music Trivia Quiz. Dylan wrote some good traveling music so for this contest:

  • For each state in the union, name one song whose lyrics mention either a state or a city in that state. For example, Dylan's song Highway 61 Revisited mentions Georgia, so would count for that state.
  • Songs DO NOT have to be Dylan songs.
  • If a song names more than one state, only one state in that song counts.
  • Official state or city songs, sports team anthems and school/university fight songs do not count.
  • One point for each state named. Maximum score is therefore 50 points!
  • 3 Top Entrants will get a shout out in a future column.
  • ALL entrants will be eligible for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Winner will be chosen by random selection of all entrants.

To enter, send an email to with your responses. You will also be added to our mailing list for future blog posts. Entries will be accepted until Midnight October 30th.



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