10 Things That Have Changed In A Year, and One That Hasn't

compIt seems like yesterday, but it has been about a year since I started writing "Down-Size Maybe," first as an independent blog on Word-Press, and for the last eight months as part of ChicagoNow. It was meant to be a blog about our home building experience, but like the whole failed concept of "Down-sizing," the blog has just grown and grown. There have been approximately 125 posts, with poems, songs, raps, some satire, and some smiles along the way. Writing has been a great way to keep in touch with old friends and make some new ones.  I have even learned a little punctuation and speling spelling. So let's take a look at what else has changed in year.

  1. Castles in the Air: That's all we had a year ago. A piece of land next to a pond, nothing on it but a forlorn looking For Sale sign. It is now a beehive of activity, about 2/3's of the way toward becoming our home. The neighbors can't wait to have all the construction finished with, we can't wait to move in.
  2. Isn't She Lovely: We were grandparents of one lovely lady, now we are grandparents of two. Double our pleasure, double our fun, double our number of bedrooms in the loft space of the "Big."
  3. Tumbling Dice: A year ago Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos were the darlings of Forbes and Silicon Valley while portraying themselves as the future of laboratory medicine. Since then Forbes has delisted Ms Holmes, and Medicare has delisted Theranos. Sometimes when you fly too high to the sun your wings melt.
  4. We are the Champions: We went from losers to winners.  We topped a Halloween Costume Party Contest, one of my blogs made the ChicagoNow "Best Ten Posts of the Month List." and I sneaked in a win on "3 for Free." Our total cash compensation? $25, or about 0.00000001% of a decent PowerBall win. But recognition from Jimmy Greenberg and Lin Brehmer? Priceless.
  5. Tears of a Clown:  Early in the primary season: Donald Trump was a loud mouthed, bad-haired buffoon. Oh wait, that hasn't changed, but now he is a Presidential Candidate (presumptive) of a Major Political Party (also presumptive.)
  6. Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown): Yes, a year ago I did have Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I had sent exactly zero tweets, and posted about as many times on LinkedIn. Now I have posts and followers. Some of my links have wound up on Houzz and the New York Times. I have become a citizen of the 21st Century!
  7. The Games People Play: Bulls a mess, Blackhawks trying to fit under salary cap, Cubs on play-off pace, White Sox languishing, Bears have wide receiver issues. Wait, did I write that last sentence this year or last?
  8. King of the World:  July 2015 - Jon Snow is dead, Cersei is humbled; July 2016 - Jon Snow is King of the North, Cersei is Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Is it time for a Ned Stark resurrection?
  9. (I Want to Be) Elected: A year ago no one had heard of Bernie Sanders and he was opposing Hillary. Now everyone know who he is and he is supporting her. Sort of.
  10. Greenback Dollar: Last year he was just a face on the $10 bill. Now it will take you about 50 of those to get a seat when Hamilton comes to Chicago

And one thing that never changes:

  1. Forever and Ever Amen:  Barb's hard work and vision. Thanks, Babe!

Music Trivia as always: Who were the original artists for the 11 songs listed above? Let me know at les.raff@post.com


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