Today on "Meet the Press": REXIT--The Raff's to Leave Long Grove, Local Economy Trembles.


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Chuck Todd (CT): Good Morning, This is Chuck Todd welcoming you to our weekly edition of "Meet the Press." Today we look at the dramatic and  perhaps misunderstood decision by the Raff family to cut ties with Long Grove, ending 26 years of intertwined destinies. With me today is my distinguished panel: Bono, lead singer of the Irish rock band U2, Ken "Hawk" Harrelson, the long-time voice of the Chicago White Sox, and Daenerys "Stormborn" Targaryen, First of her Name, Queen of the Andals, the Rhyonar, and the First Men, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Queen of Meereen, Khalesi, and Mother of Dragons.

CT: Bono, let's start with you.  Did you see this coming? Did you really believe that one of your biggest fans would leave the comfort and familiarity of Long Grove for the unknown, moving to the virtually identical suburb of Riverwoods?

Bono (B): It's what I have been writing about, singing about, for years. It's all about love. Why stop loving the people of Long Grove?  They must be wearing rose colored glasses if they believe they are heading for something better.  Raff's, why not wrap your neighbors in your arms and move all of them with you? It's all about love, and album sales and downloads. You must lead with your hearts.

Daenarys Targaryen (DT): Yes. Leadership, that's what it takes. These Raff''s think of themselves as leaders with their Home Owners Associations and their School Boards. But where are their dragons? Where are the people being burned at the stake? How do you lead when you don't instill fear in the hearts of your subjects? That is what I want to know.

B: And don't forget, people anticipating a quick separation will be disappointed. Disentangling from the landscaper, the snowplower, the cleaning lady-that all may take months. And then of course there is Comcast. That may take years.

CT: Mr. Harrelson, what ramifications do YOU see from this vote.

Ken Harrelson (KH): Let me tell you Chuck, back in '67 when I was with the Red Sox if those owners had tried to trade Yaz, I can tell you there would have been all sorts of an outcry. He was the greatest ball player I ever saw and I saw 'em all going back to the Babe.

CT: I'm sure Hawk,  though I don't think you are THAT old. And what does this have to do with the Raff's leaving Long Grove?

KH: It's no different than the way the umpires all disrespect our White Sox. We can never catch a break and...

CT: Moving on, we have a special guest  to comment on REXIT. With us on the phone is the presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

Donald Trump (Don): Hey Chuck, what's presumptive about me. I hate that word. I've got the nomination all sewn up no matter what crap the delegates try and throw at me. And who's the chick with aal the hair on the panel with you? Doesn't she know there is only room for one blonde crackpot here?

DT: Off with his head!

Don: She sounds like Lying Hilary to me! Yeah honey, you can dump those dragons, I'll show you a hot time.

B: Love, people, just love.

CT: I'm afraid that's all the time we have today. Join us again next week, and remember, if it's Sunday, it's "Meet the Press."


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