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Rap on the Tony's

Watched some Tony’s last night Found it real satisfyin’ Lots of winners in New York High flyin’, laughing, cryin’. Yeah James Corden was the man Who this year was doing the hosting Back in Twenty-Oh-Twelve His own Tony he was toasting. Broadway sound is really changing I guess “Hamilton‘s” behind it Catch the beat, sing... Read more »

Pleasant Under Glass

Look through any window yeah… …what do you see? The Hollies, 1966 We turned a home building corner yesterday, or more precisely, the carpenters built one. Actually, they have now built all the corners. The house framing is complete. Every nook and cranny, every niche and recess, is in place. The carpentry crew is moving... Read more »

American Ninja Warrior-Presidential Style

American Ninja Warriors is back! A new season began yesterday, and boy are we excited! What, you don’t watch the the TV show with all the young, toned, bodies going through an incredibly difficult obstacle course, with stations such as the Warped Ramp and the Jumping Spider? Get through the course, make it to the... Read more »