Running Mates and Other Mates: Fighting Trump, Fighting Cancer

carly fiorinaGirl, I heard you're getting married,

Heard your getting married,

This time you're really sure.

Brooklyn Bridge-1969

Ted Cruz keeps looking for a partner. First we have the sort of/maybe/not really deal with John Kasich, trying to not cut each others throats in the remaining primaries. Quickly followed by yesterday's announcement of Carly Fiorina as his Vice Presidential running mate, and vocal coach as well. All of this, of course, in an effort to stymie Donald Trump in his march to the Republican Presidential nomination. It appears that Cruz's philosophy is that if you can't win on your own, grab your partner or partners and do-si-do.

I don't know how well the pairing technique is going to work in politics, but a new study reported in the journal Cancer and summarized in the Chicago Tribune suggests that married patients do better in their fight against cancer than comparable single people. The advantage is greater for men than women, and is not associated with socio-economic status. It seems that hand holding, cooking, chaffeuring and all around loving can help survival. No surprises there, right? But it brings to mind a former colleague of mine, one of the most talented men that I have had the pleasure to have known and work with. Let's call him John, and his wife Mary About 18 months ago John was given the diagnosis of advanced lung cancer. He has undergone surgery, traditional chemotherapy, and novel treatments as a patient in advanced clinical trials. During all this John has maintained his active lifestyle and achieved new professional goals and accomplishments. He has documented his battle in a wonderful blog (the blog is not public, I cannot share a link) that both faces the difficult realities and celebrates all the wonderful triumphs. And as he freely admits, it is the love, care and support of the magnificent Mary, now aptly nicknamed Chemo-sa-babe, that makes it all possible. I know that as I experience John's life on his blog, Mary is there holding his hand for every battle won and for every set-back. And as the study in Cancer suggests, that hand holding may be the reason the wins so greatly outnumber the backslides.

Cancer has also visited our family; fortunately it did not stay. I hope I did enough to support Barb four years ago, though I think it may have been the prospect of Michael and Becca's wedding that hastened her recovery. I hope neither one of us becomes the supporter or the supportee in the future.

And as for Ted Cruz, does it matter how many partners he takes? He will continue to be Ted Cruz, and that doesn't seem to be the man the rest of America wants to marry!

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