Kitten Power Can Get Things Done

cat cushionAnd I'll be takin' care of business, every day...

...takin' care of business, every way.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive-1973

The mighty Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon over millions of years. The immense pressure of the earth's mantle creates the environment for the creation of diamonds. Small aquatic plants and animals crushed under the weight of sea beds leads to petroleum. So eons and eons and tons and tons can lead to massive changes. But what can the weight of a seven pound cat accomplish in the span of  just a few years?

We have talked about our kitten and my problems with her before. The two of us are on improved terms these days, though her objections to visiting the veterinarian did lead to several scratches, puncture wounds and a cancelled appointment. She remains tiny, even more apparent now that she has lost her warm winter coat. But this skinny, demure creature has made an indelible impression on our house (for sale! for sale!)  , or at least on our furniture.

plain cushion

Chair "A"

dented cushion

Chair "B"

Note chair "A".  See the nice straight line of the back cushion. That's what our bedroom chairs looked like before Princess Kitten came along.  Now lets take a look at Chair "B", the cat's favorite perch. On this chair, that back cushion is a deep "v", a permanent, unreversable groove. I don't have to tell you which chair has been the kitty's favorite sunning spot for the last four years, do I?

So it doesn't take a lot of weight, or even a lot of time, to make a dent in things. Look what this welterweight has done in just four years, the length of one Presidential term, or the length of time it  might take to build our house. Is there a lesson to be learned? I guess you don't have to have the power of the Colorado, or the weight of the earth's crust to make a difference. Sometimes a little steady, gentle, pressure can get the job done. Sort of fits with my preferred management style. Of course, unlike our kitten, I try not to shed my fur as I go!


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