An Icon Abandoned, and It's No April Fool Prank!

lady and trampOh this is the night...'s a beautiful night.

Lady and the Tramp--1955

Who reads the "Legal Notices" in the back pages of their daily paper? Sandwiched between obituaries and want ads, the notices provide legally mandated information that is hidden away where no one will read it. As a Stevenson High School Board of Education member years ago I remember that's where we stuck the notices notifying the public about bond sales. I'm sure the notices are the precursors and inspiration for all those annoying fast talking announcements at the end of television car ads. You know, the part where you learn what your "no money down" car is really going to cost you. But the other day in the lunch room I had finished scanning the obits without finding anyone I knew, and my eyes continued to the next column. And in the "Legal Notices" section I found this, and I shuddered:


The Golden Grain Company...has determined that the Noodle Roni trademark is no longer of use to the will forever relinquish and abandon...all right, title and interest.

It is part of my childhood that is being abandoned! OK, I admit that my family never bought Noodle Roni. My mom was a Rice-a-Roni (The San Francisco Treat) chef. Rice, vermicelli (never knew what that was) and packaged flavoring. A great compliment to Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in the blue box -- we ate a lot of starch in those days.  Noodle Roni seemed like the little orphan step-child of the Golden Grain family. It never got quite the respect, and it really didn't have as good of a jingle as big brother Rice-a-Roni. But how can you kick your baby sister out the door? Had the world really forgotten Noodle Roni Fettuccine Style?

Well, the truth is actually not quite that depressing. A little research revealed that Noodle Roni was renamed Pasta Roni many years ago. It comes boxed in a few different flavors, and single serving bowls -- just zap and enjoy!-- are out there too. I guess in this sophisticated, modern world, "pasta" is a far more impressive word than "noodle." But Noodle Roni was etched into my youth and I will miss it. So if any of you have a case of Noodle Roni squirreled away in your 1950's era bomb shelter, send me a box. I am sure it had enough to preservatives to survive, even if it's name will not.

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