Music Trivia Tuesday-What do Neil Young and Neil Diamond Have in Common?

rustWhere did the title to your favorite album or CD comes from? It might be simple, just the name of the artist or band, such as the first album from  Boston. Sometimes a Roman numeral gets appended and you have a Chicago  II or a Led Zeppelin III.  With concept albums, the artist may choose a song that sets out the theme and use that name as the album title. I like The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and the Eagles' Desperado and Hotel California albums as examples of that.

But a different type of title intrigues me more. Take a look at Neil Young's classic 1979 album Rust Never Sleeps. That's a great line, it sets a tone, but it is not the name of a song. Instead, it is a lyric from  "My My Hey Hey," the number that opens the album.  Neil Diamond has done the same thing. His live albums Hot August Night and Hot August Night II grab the opening line of "Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show" for their titles. Need another example? One of my favorite bands, Steely Dan, named their 4th album Katy Lied. The album contains the song "Dr Wu" with the lyric "Katy lies, you can see it in her eyes." Not an exact match, but you get the idea. So how many more examples can you think of? And why do you think a lyric good enough to name an album didn't even wind up as the name of the song? Leave a comment here, or better yet, drop me a line at I am wondering if we can come up with fifteen or twenty examples.

While we are on album title trivia, can you name a band that recorded an album and a song on the album, and all three, the name of the band, the album and the song are the same? That one is pretty easy. But how about an album named for a song or lyric on a previous album by the same artist. You might need your thinking cap to come up with more than one of those.

Feel free to share and pass on this blog. I am curious as to how many albums we can all come up with.

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