Another Letter To Doug Parker, American Airlines CEO

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The Letter

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Hey Doug,

You may recall that I used this blog to lay out my frustration with American Airlines' handling of our family trip to Miami in December. Of course my letter to you was just for venting, my real request for action from the airline was in a separate, snail mail document, complete with appropriate attachments. Bopping through your website it wasn't easy to find a way to submit my request, so I elected to send it to the "Refund" Department. It must have been a bad choice on my part, because I still haven't gotten my refund,  or even acknowledgement that my refund request was received and was being investigated. So Doug, I am reprinting my letter here,  with a couple of names and numbers redacted. But you can give me a call, I am in the book!

American Airlines
Attention: Passenger Refunds
4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

January 9, 2016

RE: Record Locator xxxxxx

To Whom It May Concern:

On December 20, 2015 our family of 4 was scheduled to fly first class non-stop from Chicago to Miami on flight 1611 with full fare tickets (see attachment #1). This flight was cancelled. We were subsequently routed from Chicago to Detroit on December 20, finishing our travels with flight 1448 from Detroit to Miami on December 21.

As evidenced by attachment #2, Lester Raff and xxx xxxx did not receive first class accommodations on the flight from Detroit to Miami. No refund was offered.

Other relatives travelling a similar original itinerary (record locator xxxxx) received $xx per passenger vouchers for the change from first class to economy. I expect the same vouchers for our unreimbursed change of accommodations.

Please mail the vouchers to me at the above address, or email to

I thank you for your prompt attention.


Lester J. Raff

Hope to hear from you soon, Doug. If not, we do have another home town airline!



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