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I haven't been this excited about a hole in the ground since I was a kid on Farwell beach with a shovel and pail digging through the sand. Yes, we have broken ground (see below). Phase II has begun! Yesterday Barb met with the design/build team and our interior decorator. Enough brain power to stage a coup at Houzz. Lots of bagels, cookies and coffee. Three hours later, the architects parting words to Barb were, "Tell Les he better keep on working...hard!" So here are a few reasons why I dreamed of a new puppy last night instead of dreaming of retirement.

  • Living near a pond is a nicety. Triple-waterproofing your basement because you leave near a pond is a necessity.
  • The damn stylish window muntins. Did you know that "muntin" in Ye Olde English means "more money?"
  • Lots of different roofing choices. Why is it a surprise the decorator loves the style that is even more expensive than the expensive one we had picked out?
  • Delays cost money. Backhoe drivers don't work on rainy days. We have been getting a lot of rain.
  • LED light bulbs. Pay extra now, hope to save later.
  • Back up power generator. Pay extra now, hope to never need it.
  • Chubb, the best homeowner's insurance you can buy. Pay extra now, keep on paying extra forever.
  • Janet Yellen. 0.25% at a time.
  • We have a long way to go!


Can you dig it?

But the beat goes on. We will dig, we will build, we will survive. And to all of you out there planning on your own construction project--it's all good!


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