A Puzzling Broadway Puzzle--Help Us Please!

Friends, Readers, and Countrymen, I need your help! Like many of you, Barb and I have been looking for indoor entertainment during this long semi-lockdown. Early on, I reported on our jigsaw puzzle near-success (no, we still haven’t received the replacement for the missing piece). We were itching for the opportunity to do another puzzle... Read more »

Disasters are Not New. Why Does This One Feel So Different?

In my seven decades, crises have come and gone…but this one feels different. Is it because we are older, and have grown no wiser?

Six Presidential Quotes and 62 Million Reasons Why

Five serious men who were never really President, and one who is. Which ones inspire you? President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) Air Force One: Real peace is not just the absence of conflict, it’s the presence of justice. And tonight I come to you with a pledge to change America’s policy. Never again will I... Read more »

An Anti-Vax Facebook Post Drives Me Crazy--Here Is Why

Damn, it looks scary. The anti-vax Facebook post shows a baby doll with  20 or so needles sticking out of its arms and legs. Listed below the picture are 26 toxins, antibiotics,  pesticides, and other chemicals that are said to be ingredients of the vaccinations your child should receive by the time they are six years old.... Read more »

If They Open It, Will You Come?

The lockdown is growing longer. We are tired of masks and disinfectants and waving through car windows. We are horrified by stories of massive unemployment, lines at food pantries (they used to call those lines breadlines,) and inadequate government response. We want it all to stop. We all want to get into Doc’s DeLorean, ride to the... Read more »

Every Dysfunctional Family Is Dysfunctional In Its Own Way. Ozark's Byrdes vs Offspring's Proudmans

Like most of you, our Netflix account has been getting a workout. After our home-cooked dinner is enjoyed, after our dishes are put away and the kitchen is gleaming, and after our Sudoku-Crossword hour has come and gone, it is binge time. Our usual pattern is to watch a pair of shows, something dramatic followed... Read more »

Paper Memories of the Week Before COVID-19

This weekend I opened my wallet to hand a $10 bill to Barb and discovered a few folded-up receipts–receipts I had jammed into the wallet as I left each of the last 3 restaurants we had dined in. Each brought back memories of the life that was just beginning to change. The oldest receipt, dated March... Read more »

G Rated Limericks for an X-Rated COVID-19 Time.

    These limericks are all pure. It is the topic that is unfortunately obscene!   Dr. Fauci and Pritzker suggesting That my lab should be doing some testing But we can’t get machines By any old means I’m just worn out from all my requesting! The virtual meetings are endless While on transportation we spend less... Read more »

President Trump Disinfects America

  Dear President Trump, My name is Mary Louise Venter and I want to thank you for being the President of the United States in this terrible time. I have loved you ever since the first year of The Apprentice and I said to my husband Edgar then and there that you should be President.... Read more »

We Need Good COVID Tests and Testing. A Pathologist's View.

As a long-time practicing pathologist certified by the American Board of Pathology in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology and the current Medical Director of a large physician’s office laboratory, I have been intimately involved in introducing a variety of testing to patients throughout Chicagoland for the last 40 years. Usually, it is a slow, meticulous project. Decisions... Read more »