10 Reasons Why I'll Host Them Damn Oscars!

Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: I hear the Oscar Awards are coming up pretty soon. And I hear you are having trouble getting yourselves a host for the broadcast. The Kevin Hart thing didn’t work out too well. Neither Johny Carson nor Bob Hope is around to bail you out. Well, February... Read more »

Mrs. Maisel Is Streaming Again and You Should Be Watching!

It has been a year since I offered all of you the Christmas present of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. And thank you Amazon Prime for bringing us this year’s gift of Season 2. The story of the early 60’s Midge Maisel, struggling to survive as a mother, ex-wife, and stand-up comedian is back with 10... Read more »

The Three R's. Doing Some Readin', Writin', and 'Rithmetic.

Yesterday we were political. Today we are not. Some thoughts, questions, and observations on readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic.     Reading Fiction or non-fiction? In my case, I am looking for a good plot, good characters, a good climax and denouement. So it is mostly fiction for me. My last non-fiction book was about the... Read more »
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Reaching Trexit Velocity--It Is Time to Eject Trump

Exactly two years ago I decided to give then President-Elect Donald Trump a chance. I put aside my doubts and fears, shook hands with my one Conservative friend and bit the bullet of inevitability. But I did lay out 10 Commandments for Trump to follow. Simple things like respecting (or at least understanding) the Constitution,... Read more »

Our Lab Professionals Trump Our Lab Processors

Our histology microwave unit gave out yesterday. Oversimplifying a bit, the instrument removes processing chemicals from our tissue biopsies and replaces it with paraffin wax. This wax infiltrated tissue is then thinly cut by our histology technologists, placed on glass slides, stained, and then turned over to the pathologists to make a diagnosis. So when... Read more »

Music + Lists = Satisfaction (at Number 7). Thoughts on "The 100 Absolute Best Songs in History"

I can’t help it. I love lists and I love music. Put them together, and you can keep me busy for hours. A stray link in a pathology listserve (yes, there are still listserves out there,) led me to The 100 Absolute Best Songs in History, a list put together by website 24/7 Wall Street... Read more »

Mitch vs Me. I Take on Trubisky's Shoulder

By now all of Chicago has heard the news. Mitch Trubisky, the first-place Bears’ second-year quarterback has an injured shoulder and may not play on Thanksgiving against the Lions in Detroit. The city holds its breath in concern. At the same time, I have an aching soreness in my right shoulder too. Whose shoulder matters... Read more »

The Reason This Rocker Recalls Roy Clark

Y’all know that as far as music goes I’m a rock and roll guy. I’ve broken the pattern once or twice, with blogs on Frank Sinatra and Broadway musicals, but one thing I have never written about is country music. I’ve driven by Toby Keith’s (now closed) bar in Rosemont; I’ve enjoyed Keith Urban’s wife... Read more »

Hey Alexa-Sing Me A Song!

The house we built two years ago has its share of electronic doodads. It has Wi-Fi linked sound bars and electronic lighting schemes. I can check on the garage door status from anywhere in the world (the farthest from home I have used this feature is a football field length down the street,)  and we... Read more »

Is the Next Best Generation Saying Goodbye?

I had a getting-to-the-end-of-the-year tax planning phone meeting with my long time accountant the other day. Well, actually it wasn’t with my longtime accountant. The meeting was with a perfectly capable younger accountant to whom he has transferred the nuts and bolts of my financial life. It’s a phenomenon that I am experiencing more and... Read more »