It's Up To You! Be Scared by "Us," or at the Edge of Your Seat for "Free Solo".

Barb and I saw two movies this weekend, one in the recliners at the local Cineplex, and the other in the comfort of home, pooch at our feet. One scared me to death. It is not the one you would expect. The critics love “Us.” Director Jordan Peele’s 2nd horror film is a sensation. The New York... Read more »

Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline Added to National Recording Registry. Are You as Happy as Barb?

Barb fell in love in an instant. Before she crushed on Kevin Costner, before she swooned for Bradley Cooper, hell–before she married me, there was Neil.  Neil Leslie Diamond: Grammy Award winner, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2011, Kennedy Center Honoree, movie star actor, and writer and performer of the song Sweet... Read more »

How Much Joy Does It Spark For You? And Does It Matter?

“None of the dresses in my closet spark joy.” That was the posting on a friend’s Facebook feed. Does it spark joy?  Sooner or later that question will find you, either online, or on TV, or from a friend who is taken by the bug. It’s based on the techniques of Marie Kondo for reducing... Read more »
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If Camaraderie Keeps You Healthy, How Many Groups Do You Have? Here Are 10 Of Mine.

UroPartners’ Prostate Cancer Support Group invites prostate cancer patients and their families to join the group for “Information, Education and Camaraderie.”  We all know what information and education are. But what exactly is camaraderie? Merriam-Webster describes camaraderie as “a spirit of friendly good-fellowship” or “a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group.”... Read more »

Felicity Huffman Charged in Cheating Scandal and My Heart Breaks

Yeah, sure, my kids grew up with “Full House.”Jessie, Danny, the Olson twins, Aunt Becky, and all the rest. So let my kids worry about Lori Laughlin as she and her husband get charged in the college admissions scandal. But it isn’t Lori’s lost innocence that I will be mourning. I just have one question.... Read more »

Is Curiosity Worth Losing a Job Over? Lessons from the Jessie Smollett Affair.

The news stories and TV broadcasts say “Northwestern Medical Center fires dozens of employees for seeking to access Jessie Smollett’s health care record.” What’s that all about? Medical records are meant to be confidential. Every doctor, dentist, mental health professional and more have you sign a form outlining the organization’s policy on privacy and how... Read more »

SPIDER-MAN, Green Day, and Alex Trebek. It's All Here Today.

Yesterday my iPhone decided to take control of Turn-Back-Thursday by putting my playlist into New York City, 2010. Broadway to be precise. Show tunes from that year replaced the Stones, Bruce, and The Who as the soundtrack of my late morning workout. But those shows had a definite connection to rock’n’roll. First came the song... Read more »

A Love Match Restored. It's Monday Night Tennis.

“I miss you…” Those of you who have been following along with me for a while know that I left my Thursday night tennis league two years ago. I won’t rehash the reasons (you can find them here) but let’s just say I was eager to end what had become an unpleasant experience. The “I... Read more »

Kiwi Fruit Cures-Or Does It? What Do You Think?

I had so much hope. Recently during an Internet plunge, I had discovered a simple treatment, potentially a cure, for an ailment that has plagued me since I was five years old. Diving deeper I discovered lots of anecdotal evidence and lots of praise for this juicy therapy. There was no scientific evidence, no double-blind... Read more »

Sleep is Just a Five Letter Word. Can I Get Enough?

“Hey, Alexa. Set an alarm for 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.” That’s Barb, chatting with our bedroom virtual assistant. Barb’s schedule varies, particularly on babysitting days, so it is easiest to just ask for a different wake-up time every morning. For me, it’s 5:05 every weekday morning, so I use an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake... Read more »