For What It's Worth-Revisited

In the 1960s we had protest songs. We had Dylan, we had McGuire, we had Country Joe. Pete Seeger was temporarily banned for Big Muddy and Roger Daltry stuttered to his generation. And we had Buffalo Springfield. Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, et al, asking what it was all worth. The harrowing lyric “Step out... Read more »

Amazon Stirs My Memories - Remember Old Chicago?

Amazon pays $50 million for former Old Chicago amusement park and megamall site–Chicago Tribune, February 12, 2020. Who remembers Old Chicago? It was an odd place, a combination of amusement park and boutique stores under a giant dome, that was open in where-the-heck-is Bolingbrook in the late 1970s. It was no Riverview, and no Great America... Read more »

I Collect Tees. How About You?

Are you a collector? Some people collect valuable things like stamps and coins. Some people collect trinkets from around the world, things like beer mugs or thimbles. Not me. I want things I can use, things with no value but the sentimental kind. I collect tee shirts and running shirts from wherever I can get my... Read more »

A Loud Lady Tells The World How To Beat Trump

  Hi, it’s Anne. Remember me? I couldn’t watch either of the big events. No, I couldn’t watch him preen at his State of the Union address, though I did see the SloMo replay of Nancy shredding paper a few dozen times. And I couldn’t watch the impeachment farce vote. All that hypocrisy. But what... Read more »

Do You Know This Man?

Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep, I run lists or floor plans through my semi-sedated brain. What was the address of every home I have ever lived in? What was the layout of the apartment my family moved to in 1963? What was the name... Read more »

Ten Wet Weather Songs. Do You Know Them All?

It’s another dreary, gray day in January and I am thinking about … rain. I know a Chicago winter should be all about snow, but we have been blessed(?) by warm weather for most of the season, so the precipitation that is popping up in my head is the wet stuff instead of the white... Read more »

Don't Fence Me In.

The text message popped up on my phone early this month. “We need 98 people to renew their memberships before Trump takes the stage at a rally in Toledo tonight. Yours expired. Renew now.” The text came with a link to  A  little Google research for “NRSC”  turned up the National Republic Senatorial Committee. Huh? Had... Read more »

Pet Names--What Do You Call Your Partner?

It is a four-letter word that I like to use. In fact, I use it a lot. My friends have taken bets on how many times that four-letter combo will leave my mouth on a given night. If you are a gambling person here is a hint: play the over. It is something I am... Read more »

This Loud Chick give Hillary a Kick

Hey kids, I’m back again. Enough of you like me so that the Master of this Domain has invited me back for another blurb. And, as a great lady once (many times?) said, “Can we talk?” Hillary Clinton. I supported her. I marched for her. I voted for her. I thought I knew her. And... Read more »

I'm Anne U Phylaxis. Did I Shock You?

Hi there! The dude who normally writes the blogs here is a friend of mine (long story) and he said I could write/vent in his place every once in a while. He made it clear it wouldn’t be too often unless you all just LUV me. It could happen, right? A little about moi. First... Read more »