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Make Sure NATO Does Not Ruin Your Dog Walks - Keep Your Dog Safe

A Note from Kyle the Human: In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, NATO is in town this weekend and the city will be experiencing lots of additional security.  Especially if you live somewhere between McCormick Place and North Avenue Beach, you should take extra caution when taking your dog for... Read more »

Dog-Friendly Dogs Play by the Rules

Brought to you by Gatsby the Weimaraner: Before you start exploring the dog-friendly side of Chicago with me, it’s very important that you understand the rules for being a good canine citizen in Chicago as well as general guidelines for doggie etiquette you must share with your human. Rule #1: Get your license!  I’ve observed... Read more »

What Dogs Really Want from Humans

Brought to you by Gatsby the Weimaraner: Kyle makes some interesting points in his post “City Dog v Country Dog” but I must disagree with him on a few points.  As you continue to read his posts, you will notice that he enjoys making grand generalizations, but don’t worry because I will always get the... Read more »

City Dog versus Country Dog

Brought to you by Kyle the human: While I was growing up in the countryside of Pennsylvania, I always dreamed about living in the “big city” some day, and I assumed that would require giving up my love for animals.  I never imagined a dog could be happy without being surrounded by grass, but living... Read more »