Parties, Election and Costumes

Where did summer go? I feel like Kyle had me running all over the city, trips to Starved Rock, trips to Galena, and so much more but he never gave me a chance to sit down at the computer to write about it all! Guess that just means I'll be doing a lot of paw-ing at the keyboard before the end of the year.  For now, let's just cover the events of the past week:

Gatsby dressed as Uncle Sam for Bark the Vote Chicago

On Halloween Kyle and I checked out Chicago Party Animals for their Wicked Waggin Wednesday party (pictures are on their Facebook page).  I had a super fun time running around off-leash playing with all my new canine friends in the two-story dog-friendly event space.  It took a little convincing, but Kyle finally agreed to let me give everyone a sneak preview of my Uncle Sam costume. He was worried about pulling it out too soon since it's supposed to be for Bark The Vote tomorrow, but I told him I'd feel silly if I didn't have a costume when I was sure all the other dogs would - and they did! Of course, about five minutes into my time there I realized that the beard and hat made it very difficult for me to really play with all my new pals, so I took it off and made Kyle hold onto it for the rest of the night :-)

Saturday we went to the 21st Anniversary Party for For Dog's Sake in Humboldt Park. Marcia was such a gracious host running around offering everyone cake, wine for the humans and lots of dog treats for all the canine guests. Plus Kyle got to enjoy 20% off his purchases as part of the party so he stocked up on Real Meat Treats. I think he's planning to use them for Bark the Vote tomorrow actually. Anyway, if you've never been to For Dog's Sake, you really do need to check it out! The large warehouse style store is located at 1757 N Kimball and the smaller River North boutique can be found on Superior between Wells and Franklin. Marcia only carries quality products, and she even has some awesome handcrafted goods sold exclusively at For Dog's Sake thanks to her nifty relationships with very artisan style vendors. I guess being in business for 21 years has its perks, and it certainly has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and an awesome upbeat positive approach to life. In addition to being a super cool place to shop, the River North boutique is also going to be an official Paw-ing Place for Bark the Vote. Yipee!

Okay, so I've mentioned Bark the Vote a few times now, so I guess I should touch on it in closing. In case you went into hibernation early and haven't heard, this year dogs in Chicago will be able to vote for their favorite Presidential candidate during tomorrow's election. The full details are at but in a nutshell, you'll let us know your candidate of choice by selecting a yummy treat from either a blue or red bowl. If you choose the blue bowl first, you're vote for "Bark" Obama and if you choose the red bowl first, you're voting for "Mutt" Romney. If you'd prefer to cast your vote for yours truly as a write-in candidate, simply turn your nose up to both treats and we'll know you're supporting me instead. There are about 25 dog-friendly Paw-ing Places located all "rover" town and one lucky voter is also going to win a Grand Prize valued at $1,000!!! Questions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or post a comment here, and I'll be glad to give you more info.  Of course I'll also be posting the results of Bark the Vote later in the week. Happy Barking!

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