Dog Friendly Milwaukee Admirals Hockey Game

So I am very aware that the title of my blog is "Dog Friendly CHICAGO" but since the Wolves and the Hawks have yet to schedule a dog-friendly game day, I had to convince Kyle to take a road trip to Milwaukee on March 25th for the Admirals' annual dog day sponsored by Pedigree.

This was my first professional sporting event, and, although it was very noisy, I felt like Leo in Titantic.  Instead of leaning over the front of a speeding steamship, I was sitting on a throne that bowed before me as I put my paw upon it.  From my seat perched above the ice, I got to enjoy the hockey game with hundreds of my fellow canines.  Such a treat.

Between periods, Kyle and I socialized in the puppy potty area before returning to our seats.  If anyone has a connection at the Blackhawks or Wolves, please tell them to contact me so I can help them plan a dog-friendly day for next season at the United Center or Allstate Arena. I would prefer to not feel like I'm cheating on my favorite dog-friendly city, but I'm prepared for a road trip again next year if Chicago doesn't want to keep up with Milwaukee for dog-friendly sporting events.


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  • This is cool - I've been working with the Blackhawks to do this...and for years the Wolves have been adopting out animals from Chicago Animal Care and Control. Thanks for posting, though....

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    Thanks so much Steve! I actually spoke to one of my friends at the Wolves since they do so much for promoting adoption events, and she said this is something the Wolves could be considering for next season...

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