It is a beautiful sun-shiny day! The sky is so blue; just wispy clouds which look far far up in the sky. I think they have been called Mare’s Tails. I do not know the technical term. My son probably knows if he reads this. Someone could tell me their name. So I feel so much better today, at least 2.3 times better than yesterday. I do crave sunshine. Never been diagnosed with SAD, that is, I believe, Seasonal Affective Disorder. It could also be MAD, Meteorological Affective Disorder. I like that. OK, not really. Anyway I am not MAD or SAD today.

Took myself for a long walk after taking my dog for a walk. She does not really go for a walk, she goes for a sniff, so I do not get much exercise from it. I walked around the grounds of the apartment complex and over by the lakes. In the summer one can take a canoe or rowboat out on the small lakes. Last summer a friend of mine who is an Episcopal Deacon went out canoeing with me. He is very talented and experienced with canoes. I am very not. So I capsized. I did not scream or panic (it is difficult to scream underwater) and my dad would have been proud of my composure but it was startling to suddenly find myself mostly submerged with a canoe half-ways on top of me. Not trying to make it sound more exciting than it was, but…it was exciting and it occurred to me how quickly things can happen, like drowning. Long story short, my friend the  Deacon rescued me. We managed to get the canoe out, righted, etc. We made it back to shore. Afterwards, drying out I told him it was a pretty good story, him, the spiritual advisor saving me from the water. Almost like some weird Baptism. Or not. I hope I do not offend anyone. I have deep spiritual beliefs, just not traditional. Can’t help it.

But, where was I? I intended to write about the walk. So, my walk took me by the boat shed and the rowboats and canoes which are upside-down and tarpaulin-covered. I am pretty sure one of the canoes sneered at me. That is the one, almost certain, and it remembered me. Next time I will be sure to not take THAT one out. Anyway, I walked at a brisk pace and when I do this, all the stiffness in my back and sore joints, it all disappears. Walking is great. Seagulls circling overhead, Canada Geese making noises and chasing each other. I think it is Goose mating season. Which brings me to part of this that I thought twice or three times about recounting, but hopefully no small children are reading this. So I believe I saw goose-mating for the first time. I have sometimes wondered how birds “do it”. We know that “birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it” (thanks to Eartha Kitt), so I am walking along and 2 big geese were swimming along, then suddenly one began quacking or honking, then it kind of bit the other one on the back of the head (goose kiss??) and proceeded to climb on top of the other and sat there for a few seconds, completely immersing or submerging the other. I thought I should avert my eyes but was too fascinated. Then the one on top got off, they both kind of shook their feathers and continued cruising along. I should look this up on Wikipedia. Maybe one of my readers is a goose expert and can tell me. Yeah, my life in isolation is pretty exciting.

Also, the Weeping Willows appear to be turning green. Another sign of Spring, besides the crocuses and geese. Oh, not to forget, remember, remember, DO THE CENSUS. It is important. All right, a sort of summary: for me, a great day so far and tonight our spiritual discussion for the Theosophical Society, via ZOOM. New thing for me. As I have mentioned, we start with a meditation, then discuss various topics. As I have said, we do not smoke incense and try to levitate or anything weird. It is much like a serious religious discussion found in many religious institutions, except that this is not a religion per se, but an evaluation, discussion of religion, philosophy, science. A belief that there is a unity in all of LIFE. I cannot explain it well. Just a beginner. But it feels good and is good for my soul.

All right, remember to maintain some kind of order. I still take a shower, brush and floss and try to eat healthy, but not too healthy, LOL. I need chocolate. Walk or run, love your pets and your friends and relatives (not necessarily like the geese, but that is up to everyone to decide for themselves), and remember that important is that we have to do this FOR EACH OTHER, not just the stock market but because we are all humans, all brothers and sisters in the Spirit.

Be safe, stay well, believe in the higher powers. We can do this.

David, March 25, 2020


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